DCH PANDA Dispatch

DCH PANDA team unloading a pediatric patient from an ambulance


What is the Doernbecher Children's Hospital (DCH) PANDA Team?

The DCH PANDA (Pediatric And Neonatal Doernbecher Ambulance) Team transports critically ill children by ambulance, helicopter, or fixed wing aircraft from hospitals all across the Pacific Northwest to Doernbecher Children's Hospital located in Portland, OR.  PANDA is the largest and longest running pediatric and neonatal intensive care transport program in Oregon.

DCH PANDA Team Logo, mother and baby panda bears

When You Need PANDA Call PANDA Dispatch

We operate 24/7 with a dedicated, recorded telephone line for all PANDA requests, arranging all aspects of the mission.  With one phone call Panda Dispatch:

  • Connects you to a DCH specialist
  • Activates the PANDA Team
  • Will oversee the transfer, admission, and bed placement process
  • Set up and direct transportation for your patient
  • Document all phases of the event in our secure database

For more information on the PANDA Team, click here.

Ambulance or Air?

DCH PANDA Dispatch, 2 pictures - PANDA team loading airplane and PANDA ambulance

Panda goes the fastest and safest way to travel based on:

  • Hospital location
  • Weather conditions
  • Patient status
  • Aircraft availability

Once activated, our team can be on the road in 10 minutes.  Arrangements are made with ground and air transport agencies in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere to expedite transportation. 

Safety is Our Focus - We Know Where Our Team Is At Any Time

  • 30 minute check-ins throughout the journey
  • GPS ground transport tracking system
  • Regular updates to medical staff on patient condition and team location

Unexpected Situations - We Have Solutions

  • Traffic delays - we supply information and alternate routes.
  • Flight delays - we will have an ambulance or other aircraft at any airport.

Emergencies En Route - We Get Immediate Help

  • Accidents - we organize an EMS response.
  • Medical crisis - we notify attending physicians and provide any needed assistance.

Third Party Transports

The PANDA Team is authorized to transport patients between other Oregon hospitals and to out-of-state hospitals.  Contact PANDA Dispatch to discuss these options with the PANDA medical directors.

Our History at OHSU

DCH PANDA dispatcher coordinating PANDA transport.

In 1995 the DCH transport teams for the pediatric and neonatal units merged to form the DCH PANDA Team.  The Emergency Communication Center took over the role of DCH PANDA Dispatch in 1998.  PANDA achieved the CAMTS certification in 2009.