Emergency Communication Center

Emergency Transport Coordinator answering phone Linking OHSU, the medical community, and the people of the Pacific Northwest

From Emergency Transports to Physician Consults - We Create Solutions

The Emergency Communication Center (ECC) located at OHSU in Portland, OR. has many roles within OHSU, Doernbecher Children's Hospital (DCH), Emergency Medical Services, and the Northwest region. Our work environment is dynamic with multiple roles.  We provide:

  • Patient Transfers
  • Physician Consults
  • Ambulance Medical and Trauma Communication
  • Pediatric and Neonatal Team Dispatch (PANDA)
  • Rapid Response Team Dispatch
  • Paging
  • Medical Documentation

Experience Matters

Managing disasters is not for beginners. Whether we are directing ambulances during a crisis, arranging transports for critically ill children, or connecting paramedics to physicians, we are ready for any situation.

Send and Receive

Our communication systems are extensive, reliable, and secure.  We monitor, record, and save every consult, transfer, trauma entry, phone call, and radio report. Our data is used to analyze trends.

Radio networks cover the metropolitan area for reports. We have land-line and satellite telephones to provide coverage during natural and man-made disasters. 

Information Headquarters for the OHSU Emergency Department

Everything comes through the Emergency Communication Center. 

  • Telephone calls
  • Dispatch of Specialized Medical Teams
  • Trauma Communications
  • Physician - Paramedic Consults
  • Ambulance Reports
  • Inter-hospital Transfers
  • Page Requests

We get it all.  Our data is used to analyze trends. Questions dealt with ASAP. We understand the urgent needs of those we serve.

 Panoramic View of the Emergency Communication Center

Our History at OHSU

The Emergency Communication Center was created in 1977 to assist the OHSU Emergency Department.  Now we operate within and outside the boundaries of OHSU providing a diverse range of services for our community and our state.