Medical Resource Hospital


Medical Resource Hospital, doctor consulting on radio with paramedic in the field.


Immediate Help for Paramedics

Medical Resource Hospital (MRH) based in Portland, OR. is a service provided by the OHSU Emergency Department for paramedics in the field.  OHSU Emergency room physicians are available 24/7 by radio or phone for:

  • Medical advice
  • Approve medication orders
  • Direct resuscitation and end-of-life situations
  • Explaining to patients the consequences of refusing treatment
  • Clarifying protocols

Assistance is provided to EMS personnel in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Columbia, and Hood counties.


Skilled Professional Support Team

Medical Resource Hospital operates through our Emergency Communication Center at OHSU to provide quick, coordinated connections for paramedics on scene to emergency department physicians.

  • 90% of all consults started within 45 seconds or less
  • Dedicated 800 MHz radio channel and telephone line
  • All calls recorded for review and quality control
  • All discussions documented in a secure database
  • Data collected for statistical analysis and protocol review


Nation's 1st 24 Hour Electronic POLST Registry

Medical Resource Hospital is the emergency connection for the POLST Registry (Physician Orders for Life-ustaining Treatment) in Oregon.  This service insures that EMS and hospital acute care medical personnel obtain quick and accurate information about a patient's end-of-life health care wishes.

Medical Resource Hospital has access to a 24 hour secure electronic record of POLST forms.  Upon request the POLST Registry is checked for a completed form and completes these steps:

  • Follow multiple-step procedures with each inquiry to insure an exact match.
  • Verbally relay medical orders and signature dates for exact matches.
  • Arrange consults with OHSU emergency room physicians if clarification is needed.
  • Fax copies of the form to the hospital (or EMS hospital destination if applicable).

 Emergency Transport Coordinator facilitating a paramedic consult.

Our History at OHSU

Centralized on-line medical control known as Medical Resource Hospital (MRH) was authorized in 1982 by Multnomah County administrative rule.  The OHSU Emergency Department assumed the duties of Medical Resource Hospital in 1986 and selected the Emergency Communication Center to provide the service.