OHSU Transfer Center

TransferCTRdocA complicated process made easier

Transferring an adult or pediatric patient to OHSU from another hospital used to require several consults among different departments.  The OHSU Transfer Center located in Portland, Oregon, streamlined the procedure making it simpler to admit patients to OHSU.  We make the connections and handle all the details for referring physicians.

With one phone call to the Transfer Center we

  • Connect you on a dedicated, recorded phone line to an OHSU attending physician.
  • Monitor the call and conference in additional specialists for complex cases.
  • Secure appropriate bed assignments, notify the referring nursing staff, and coordinate nursing reports.
  • Facilitate transportation arrangements when needed.
  • Track the progress of the transport and provide timely updates on patient condition to the medical teams.
  • Relay immediately any delays, problems, or changes in patient status to attending physicians.
  • Operate around the clock.


Detailed Records of All Interactions

An account of every transfer is maintained on our secure database.  If a request is delayed or placed on hold for any reason, a complete report of the event is maintained for reference. Discussions can resume without loss of time or information.


Time Dependent Transfers

Critically ill patients or patients with severe traumatic injuries need immediate and uninterrupted transfers.  We recognize the urgency of these requests and know

  • Who to page
  • What team to activate
  • Protocols to follow
  • We insure patients arrive within their treatment window.


Our History at OHSUEmergency Transport Coordinator arranging a patient transfer.

The Emergency Communication Center assumed the duties of the Transfer Center in 2001.  Since then the Transfer Center has grown quickly and now facilitates over 9,000 transfers per year.