Elder Service Innovation Grants

Elder Service Innovation (ESI) grants allow organizations to create or enhance services for elders, to help them age in place in rural Oregon.  Projects may be entirely new or build upon existing services, but must be innovative and potentially serve as a best practice model to be shared around the state and country.  Following the 2018 Annual Forum on Aging in Rural Oregon, the Oregon Office of Rural Health granted a total of $22,497 to the following organizations to carry out innovative projects in their communities:

  • Douglas Public Health Network will educate senior citizens on the importance of oral health care and how to take care of their teeth or dentures and mouth; the need for oral cancer screening; and the connection of poor oral health to diabetes, heart disease and pneumonia.
  • Morrow County Health District - Pioneer Memorial Home Health and Hospice will provide individualized medication safety sessions between an elder and a Registered Nurse (RN). Sessions serve as opportunities to provide medication review, education, and supplies needed to achieve medication safety.
  • Pacific Communities Health District Foundation will provide high protein food boxes to in-patients identified as malnourished and food insecure upon discharge and weekly for 5 additional weeks post discharge.


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