About ORH

Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference

The annual Oregon Rural Health Conference is the largest gathering in Oregon dedicated to sharing information and showcasing innovative approaches to health and the delivery of health care in rural and frontier Oregon. The conference brings together providers, administrators, consumers, policy makers and others to exchange ideas and share expertise.

Annual Forum on Aging in Rural Oregon

The Oregon Office of Rural Health believes that rural and frontier Oregon communities have the potential to be ideal places to age. The Annual Forum on Aging in Rural Oregon is an event where people can gather to talk about their experiences, learn from one another, bring forth new ideas, and communities are given inspiration and resources to create their own successes.

Rural Health Clinic Workshop

The ORH provides Rural Health Clinic (RHC)-specific programming at the Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference. Past topics have included RHC Compliance, data, billing and reporting, among others. The ORH strives to provide timely information and policy updates for RHC staff and providers, working with locally and nationally recognized experts. If you have questions or suggestions for future presentations, please contact: Stacie Rothwell | | 971-235-3978.

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