Hospital Compare Quality Measure Results for Oregon CAHs

03/22/18  Portland, Ore.

Each year the Flex Monitoring Team (FMT) out of the University of Minnesota, publishes a State Data Report highlighting Hospital Compare quality measure results for each state.

Highlights from the report show that between 2015 and 2016, Oregon's Critical Access Hospitals are making strong progress in their Medicare Beneficiary Quality Reporting Project (MBQIP) quality reporting:

16% increase of CAHs participating in Hospital Compare for inpatient measures (from 76% in 2015 to 92% in 2016)

Holding steady for the second year in a row, 72% of CAHs are reporting on outpatient measures in Hospital Compare.

Oregon moved up from 36th in the Nation to 21st for CAH reporting rates for inpatient quality measures.

Oregon moved up from 19th in the Nation to 14th for CAH reporting rates for outpatient quality measures.

Congratulations to Oregon's Critical Access Hospitals for their continued commitment to quality. 

To view the report in its entirety, click here.