Other Loan Repayment Programs

Provider Incentive Programs

The National Health Service Corps

NHSC offers financial and other support to primary care providers and sites in underserved communities. Click any of the links below to learn more:

Faculty Loan Repayment Program

The Faculty Loan Repayment Program  (FLRP) helps recruit and retain health professions faculty members by encouraging students to pursue faculty roles in their respective health care fields.

The financial assistance offered through the FLRP decreases the economic barriers associated with pursuing a career as a health professions educator preparing the next generation of health professionals.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Under this federal program, borrowers may qualify for forgiveness of the remaining balance of their Direct Loans after they have made 120 qualifying payments on those loans while employed full time by certain public service employers. For more information on how to participate, please visit the PSLF website.

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