Ordering for Research Subjects in Epic



As of April 19th, 2016 paper downtime forms will no longer be accepted when placing research orders unless there is a true Epic downtime or a medically urgent situation in which the order cannot be placed in Epic. 

Research services that are performed at OHSU must now be ordered electronically in Epic:

MUST Use Research Orders in   Epic

DO NOT Use Research Orders in Epic

ü    Labs sent to OHSU central/core   lab for processing and resulting in Epic

ü    Orders for Venipuncture only or   Research Add On Tubes performed at OHSU Phlebotomy

ü    Diagnostic imaging processed in   the OHSU radiology department and resulted in Epic

ü    Other diagnostic tests   performed by OHSU ancillary departments (Echo, ECG, PFT, etc.)

ü    In-office procedures (e.g.   biopsy, lumbar puncture) documented and charged for via Epic

ü    All investigational medications

ü    Services not   documented/resulted in Epic

ü    Services not performed/resulted   in OHSU clinical areas or departments:

-          AIRC, Research core lab, OCTRI   lab…

-          Lab specimen processing for   research central lab send out

-          Archived tumor samples

ü    Services that are not performed   on OHSU owned equipment:

-          Specific research-only devices   (e.g. research ECG machine

-          Study provided devices (e.g.   sponsor provided glucometer


Order-Study Association:

To ensure the service is billed correctly to the study, the order must be associated to the research study.  To associate an order to the study, the patient must also be properly associated to the research study.

For more information on how to properly place andassociate orders in Epic, please see the EpicOrder Entry for Research Staff User Guide.

For more information about associating research subjects to a study please visit the Identifying Research Subjects in Epic page.


INvestigational Medication Ordering:

All investigational medications must be ordered from either a treatment plan (Beacon Plan, Infusion Plan) or a SmartSet/OrderSet.  Investigational medication orders will be built into one of these tools, as appropriate, as a part of study start up. 

SmartSets/Orders Sets can be very helpful for placing non-medication orders as well.  If you are interested in your SmartSet including orders other than medications, please fill out the Research SmartSet/OrderSet Request form.

If you utilize the CTRC (OCTRI) unit on the HRC 10D,

Please see the following links for specific CTRC workflows. 

Links to paper downtime order forms IF needed: 


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