The Office of Visitors and Volunteers (OVV) registers over 4000 visitors & volunteers annually throughout the Academics, Central Services, Healthcare and Research missions at OHSU.

The OVV is a central office for managing the registering, recruitment, and retention processes for unescorted visitors, and volunteers in compliance with the OHSU Visitor policy. Prior to OVV, there was no central office to ensure the visitor policy was being followed. The policy was created to ensure campus safety and compliance. OVV's mission is to streamline registering processes for unpaid personnel and equip them with the resources needed to be successful at OHSU.

Volunteers and visitors contribute over 200,000 hours of service annually to OHSU. These incredible relationships not only contribute to the goals and missions of each area in which they serve, but by hosting these individuals, OHSU carries out its institution-wide research, education, and outreach missions.

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