Why visit or volunteer at OHSU

OHSU serves as a catalyst for the region's bioscience industry the tram goes up to Marquam hill from the water front

OHSU is an incubator of discovery, averaging 1 new breakthrough or innovation every 3 days

OHSU has more than 4,100 research projects currently under way

OHSU provides leading &often world-renowned educational services through its 5 schools

OHSU is the only place in Oregon that grants doctoral degrees in medicine, dentistry & nursing

Visitors and volunteers who come to OHSU gain valuable hands-on research experience, which may bolster their current or future education and career goals. Additionally, these individuals are often given the opportunity to network with established research scientists and medical professionals. Above all, visitors and volunteers gain a sense of accomplishment by giving back to OHSU, to their community, and to future generations who will benefit from medical research being conducted today.