Become a visitor or volunteer

Thank you for your interest in visiting or volunteering at OHSU! We register over 1000 volunteers annually, each of whom has self-selected where he or she would like to be at OHSU.

Tip: The average time to register is 4-6 weeks. This can vary based on several factors (e.g. background check timeline, visitor/volunteer responsiveness, ability of the visitor/volunteer to attend scheduled orientation sessions, etc.). Please plan accordingly.

Registration Instructions

Pre-Registration Prep

Are you eligible?

  • Are you at least 16 years of age?
  • Are you able to complete all OHSU OVV compliance processes (including a clear background check)?
  • Where do you want to visit or volunteer? 

    Not sure? Apply for and be accepted into an open opportunity.

    Have you secured your opportunity and know who your supervisor is going to be?

    If yes, you are ready to start registration!

    Start Registration: Step 1

    A. What is your role/classification going to be?

    Not sure? Contact your hosting site/supervisor, or

    B. Watch for an e-mail from OVV and Advanced Reporting, our background check vendor, to complete your background check


    Behind the scenes:

    • Simultaneously, your supervisor/hosting site should submit a Visitor/Volunteer Information Form (VIF) to
    • OVV will process your online registration form and the VIF, and initiate your background check, request computer access for you, as well as an external employee ID number (required for accessing some OHSU electronic systems).

    Tip: Anticipate an approximate 1 week turn around time to process and approve these forms. Delayed background checks can delay OVV turn around times.

    Registration: Step 2

    Training, paperwork and compliances

    • You will be asked to complete at least two read and sign documents, online training, and orientation
    • Depending on your assignment, you may also need medical clearance (instructions will be provided to you)

    Tip: Submit all completed Step 2 materials together to  at least 1 week before you intend to attend orientation. All materials should be completed, including medical clearance (if required), prior to attending.

    Registration: Step 3

    Attend Orientation

  • Sessions are offered twice a month during the academic season, and more frequently during the late spring/early summer
  • Attend and have fun!
  • Tip: Bring a pen to take notes with, and a piece of government-issued photo ID in anticipation of obtaining your OHSU ID badge!

    Registration: Step 4

    Obtain an ID Badge

  • If everything needed was submitted, OVV will provide you the required documents to obtain your OHSU ID badge
  • Start your opportunity!