Patient Care

Patient Care at the Dotter Institute

Patients throughout Oregon and the northwestern United States are regularly sent to the Charles T. Dotter Department of Interventional Radiology for management of complex vascular and nonvascular diseases.

Our teams of interventional specialists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, technologists, and nurses coordinate a patient's complete care — from imaging evaluation to post-procedure follow-up — maintaining a high level of communication with the patient and the referring health care provider throughout the process. Furthermore, we provide longitudinal clinic follow-up for a variety of complex conditions.

The key to the Department's tremendous success in the clinical arena is the strong sense of collegiality and trust among the Dotter staff, the referring clinicians, and allied care specialists. Fostered by a common goal of providing exceptional care, this mutual respect is supported by ongoing dialogue and bilateral participation in patient management. Each member of the healthcare team is thus able to combine his or her expertise with that of other practitioners. For the patient, there can be no better situation.