Public Health Programs

The Institute on Development and Disability actively protects the health of the most vulnerable of populations - children and adults with disabilities and other special health needs.

The IDD has several programs and efforts in place to assist with helping Oregonians, including: 

Health Disparities

Health Disparities are preventable and unjust differences in health, access to health care, or quality of health care.  More information about our research on health disparities is available on our health disparities website.

Oregon Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs

The OCCYSHN Program is the Title V Block grant that promotes optimal health, development, and well-being of Oregon's children and youth with special health needs.

Oregon Office on Disability and Health

The mission of OODH is to prevent secondary conditions and improve the health and quality of life for Oregonian's with disabilities. Through improved access to health care and public health programs, OODH provides effective health promotion and wellness programs to Oregonians with disabilities of all ages.