Welcome to the Neuro-Oncology and Blood-Brain Barrier Program web site at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon.  Since 1981, our team of physicians, nurses, neuropsychologists and preclinical researchers has worked to meet the challenges of successfully treating people with brain tumors by outwitting the brain's natural defense, the blood-brain barrier, while also protecting cognitive functions. The OHSU team uses a variety of approaches as discussed in treatment options.

The goal of the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Program is not only to prolong patients' length of survival, but also to improve the quality of their survival. Together with ongoing research, the BBB Program's comprehensive approach to patient care focuses not only on patients' medical concerns but also on their complex emotional, personal and psychological needs.

The International Blood-Brain Barrier Consortium is directed from OHSU and combines basic science, research and comprehensive patient care to treat our patients with brain tumors.

The OHSU Blood-Brain Barrier Program is a member of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and has strong affiliations with the National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C., including the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.