International BBB Consortium

Ohio State University Medical Center

Department of Neurosurgery

Phase II Clinical Trial of Patients with High-Grade Glioma Treated with Intra-arterial Carboplatin-based Chemotherapy, Randomized to Treatment with or without Delayed Intravenous Sodium Thiosulfate as a Potential Chemoprotectant against Severe Thrombocytopenia

Central Nervous System Embryonal & Germ Cell Tumors

Phase I/II Study of Intra-arterial Melphalan Given with Intra-arterial Carboplatin, Osmotic Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption and Delayed Otoprotective Sodium Thiosulfate for Patients with Recurrent or Progressive CNS Embryonal or Germ Cell Tumors

  • Oregon Health & Science University, IRB #5056
  • University of Minnesota, IRB #1104M97944

Included entities