Patients & Caregivers

 A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating for both the patient and his or her family. Cancer in the brain can be even more alarming because people know little about what to expect from their tumors and the treatment options, while being very concerned about the toxicities of treatments. We understand that patients seek unbiased information as well as expert advice on their disease. The purpose of these pages is to supply patients, families, advocates, and caregivers the information and confidence they need to make informed health care decisions.

The Glossary, Brain Tumors, and Therapy (treatment options) sections provide definitions and information about different tumor types, chemotherapy agents, magnetic resonance imaging, and other terms you may encounter from your neuro-oncologist.

The Blood-Brain Barrier Program sees patients will all types of brain tumors in weekly clinics. We also conduct clinical research in imaging and treatment of brain tumors. The Clinical Trials section lists protocols currently open for enrollment in the Blood-Brain Barrier Program. The Appointment Services section provides information for referring physicians and a patient questionnaire, as well as contact information for our clinical program.