The OHSU Blood-Brain Barrier and Neuro-Oncology Program conducts innovative patient-oriented research in all aspects of imaging and therapy of brain tumors. New discoveries from the BBB program are creating hope for detection and treatment of these horrible cancers. Our goal is to translate cutting-edge research from the benchtop to the clinic to improve neuro-oncological outcomes for patients.

Clinical Research

Clinical research in the BBB Program is headed by Nancy D. Doolittle, R.N., Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology.

Current Studies

  • Novel therapeutic approaches in brain tumors, including BBB disruption chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, and anti-angiogenic agents.
  • New magnetic resonance imaging agents and technology for detecting and characterizing brain tumors and neurological lesions.
  • Chemoprotection to reduce the ototoxicity of chemotherapy.

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Preclinical Research

Basic Science and preclinical research in the BBB Program is headed by Leslie L. Muldoon, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology.

 Current Studies

  • Novel therapeutics and treatment approaches in brain tumor models.
  • Chemoprotection to reduce chemotherapy side effects
  • Dynamic MRI and other new imaging techniques in animal models.

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The International Blood-Brain Barrier annual meeting

The BBB Program conducts an internationally acclaimed annual meeting of leading clinical and preclinical experts in brain tumors and the blood-brain barrier. The goals of the Annual Meeting are to review basic science, preclinical research advances, and clinical research on the BBB, brain tumors, and neurological disease. Additionally, we discuss consortium clinical results and problems, develop new clinical research protocols, and plan translational protocols to bring research from the lab to the clinic.

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