Dr. Neuwelt has written or edited several books and book chapters, and has over 200 peer reviewed scientific publications.


Selected Clinical Research Publications:

The History of BBB Disruption

Neuwelt EA, Hill SA, Frenkel EP. Osmotic blood-brain barrier modification and combination chemotherapy: Concurrent tumor regression in areas of barrier opening and progression in brain regions distant to barrier opening. Neurosurgery 15:362-366, 1984.

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Clinical Studies: BBBD Chemotherapy Efficacy

Guillaume DJ, Doolittle ND, Gahramanov S, Hedrick NA, Delashaw JB, Neuwelt EA. Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy with Osmotic Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption for Aggressive Oligodendroglial tumors: Results of a Phase I Study. Neurosurgery, 66:48-58,discussion 58, 2010..

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Clinical Studies: BBBD and Cognitive Function

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Clinical Studies: Antibody Delivery to the Brain

Doolittle ND, Jahnke K, Belanger R, Ryan DA, Nance RW Jr, Lacy CA, Tyson RM, Haluska M, Hedrick NA, Varallyay C, Neuwelt EA. Potential of immunochemotherapy and radioimmunotherapy in relapsed primary CNS lymphoma. Leukemia Lymphoma 48:1712-20, 2007.

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Clinical Studies: Nanoparticle Delivery and Imaging

Gahramanov S, Muldoon LL, Kraemer DF, Li X, Hamilton BE, Rooney WD, Neuwelt EA. Radiographic diagnosis of pseudoprogression in patients with GBM after chemoradiation using DSC-MRI with ferumoxytol vs. gadoteridol and correlation with survival. Radiology. Accepted 2012.

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Clinical Studies: Chemoprotection

Brock PR, Knight KR, Freyer DR, Campbell KC, Steyger PS, Blakley BW, Rassekh SR, Chang KW, Fligor BJ, Rajput K, Sullivan M, Neuwelt EA. Platinum-Induced Ototoxicity in Children: A Consensus Review on Mechanisms, Predisposition, and Protection, Including a New International Society of Pediatric Oncology Boston Ototoxicity Scale. J Clin Oncol. 30(19):2408-17, 2012.

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Clinical Studies: Miscellaneous

Guillaume DJ, Knight K, Marquez C, Kraemer DF, Bardo DM, Neuwelt EA. Cerebrospinal fluid shunting and hearing loss in patients treated for medulloblastoma. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 9(4):421-7, 2012. 

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Dillard TH, Gultekin SH, Delashaw JB Jr, Yedinak CG, Neuwelt EA, Fleseriu M. Temozolomide for corticotroph pituitary adenomas refractory to standard therapy. Pituitary, 14(1):80-91, 2011.


Recent Reviews

Neuwelt EA, Bauer B, Fahlke C, Fricker G, Iadecola C, Janigro D, Leybaert L, Molnar Z, O'Donnell M, Povlishock J, Saunders N, Sharp F, Stanimirovic D, Watts R, Drewes L. Engaging Neuroscience to Advance Brain Barriers Translational Research. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 12(3):169-82, 2011.

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Selected Preclinical Research Publications:


Preclinical Studies: Therapy Studies in Animal Models

Wu YJ, Muldoon LL, Gahramanov S, Kraemer DF, Marshall DJ, Neuwelt EA. Targeting αV-integrins decreased metastasis and increased survival in a nude rat breast cancer brain metastasis model. J Neurooncol. 2012 in press.

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Preclinical Studies: Nanoparticle Delivery and Imaging

Gahramanov S, Muldoon LL, Li X, Neuwelt EA.  Improved perfusion MR imaging assessment of intracerebral tumor blood volume and antiangiogenic therapy efficacy in a rat model with ferumoxytol. Radiology, 261(3):796-804, 2011.

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Preclinical Studies: Chemoprotection

Dickey DT, Muldoon LL, Doolittle ND, Peterson DR, Kraemer DF, Neuwelt EA. Effect of N-acetylcysteine dose and route of administration on chemoprotection against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rat models. Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmacology 62:235-241, 2008.

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Preclinical Studies: BBBD Delivery to the CNS

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Preclinical Studies: Miscellaneous

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