2010 Summer Student Scholarships

In addition to the Oregon Students Learn and Experience Research (OSLER) program funded by the National Institutes of Health, OCTRI provides direct funding to pre-doctoral medical, dental, graduate nursing, basic science, bioengineering, and pharmacy students to pursue research over the summer. Students interested in receiving funding for summer research should apply for the OSLER awards.

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2010 OCTRI Summer Student Scholarships


Farbod  Khaki, School of Medicine, MD program

Mentors: Brian Johnstone, PhD, Adjunct Professor and Research Director, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Research Project: Growth factors in scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering

Austin  Lammers, School of Medicine, MD program

Mentors: Martin Smilkstein, MD, Senior Scientist, Oregon Translational Research and Drug Development Institute and Michael Riscoe, PhD, Staff Scientist, Portland VA Medical Center and Adjunct Professor, Portland State University, Department of Chemistry

Research Project: Antimalarial drug susceptibility assay development: An in-field approach to antimalarial resistance detection

Laurel Murphy, School of Medicine, MD/MPH program

Mentors: Elizabeth Adams, PhD, Assistant Professor, Public Health and Preventive Medicine    

Research Project: Maternal food insecurity and two-year-old child's diet    

Natalya  Ramsay, School of Dentistry, DDS program

Mentors: Cynthia Scheines, PhD, DDS, Assistant Professor, Periodontology and John Mitchell, PhD, Associate Professor, Restorative Dentistry

Research Project: Bioactive gloss as a carrier for growth factors for periodontal regeneration   


Tyler  Schaffeld, School of Dentistry, DMD program

Mentors: Curtis Machida, PhD, Professor, Integrative Biosciences

Research Project: Emergence of cariogenic mutans streptococci following caries preventive therapy    

Stanford Taylor, School of Medicine, MD program

Mentors: James Rosenbaum, Professor, Ophthalmology, Medicine and Cell Biology, Edward E. Rosenbaum Professor of Inflammatory Research, Chief, Division of Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease    

Research Project: The role of bone marrow-derived cells and native eye cells on endotoxin-induced uveitis