OCTRI Scholars

Career development awardees at OHSU and the Portland VA Medical Center

OCTRI scholars are anyone at OHSU or the Portland VA who has a current or past career development award. This includes VA CDA, NIH K awards, and career development awards available through professional or funding groups like the American Heart Association or American Cancer Society. 

Listed by year awarded (updated 12/2018)

Balmer, Timothy, "Identification of inputs to unipolar brush cells and their roles in multisensory processing" (NIH/NIDCD K99)

Morales, Angelica, "Neurobiological Mechanisms Linking Acute Alcohol Intoxication to Impulsivity and Cigarette Craving in Nondaily Smokers" (NIH/NIDA K01)

Yeldiz, Selda, "Quantifying the influence of yogic breathwork on cerebral spinal fluid circulation" (NIH/NICCI K99)

Zhang, Haijiao, "Characterizing the Pathogenesis and Targeted Therapeutics of Wilms' Tumor 1 (WT1) Mutations in AML" (NIH/NCI K01)

Baldwin, Maureen, " Diagnosis of Ectopic Pregnancy: Cervical Biomarkers for Pregnancy Localization" (K12 WRHR)

Boespflug, Erin, "Characterizing Enlarged Perivascular Spaces in Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia" (NIA K01)

Bramhall, Naomi, "Uncovering Physiological Markers of Hidden Hearing Loss" (VA RR&D CDA2)

Campbell, Peter, "Development and Validation of Imaging Biomarkers in Retinopathy of Prematurity" (K12 Casey Eye)

Chen, Jason, "Enhancing Emergency Department Care for Suicidal Patients" (K12 Emergency Medicine)

Edwards, Samuel, "Patient and program Factors Associated with Reduced Hospitalizations in Veterans Affairs Home Based Primary Care" (VA HSR&D CDA2)

Erickson, Elise, "Postpartum Hemorrhage and Oxytocin: Clincal and Epigenetic Contributions to Risk" (K12 BIRCWH)

Greene, Justin, "Antibody-Based Enhancement of CMV Vaccine Vectors for HIV" (NIH K01)

Karstens, Lisa, "The Functional Contribution of the Urinary Microbiota in Overactive Bladder Syndrome" (NIH/NIDDKD K01)

Kohno, Milky, "Brain Function and Connectivity in Methamphetamine Dependence: The Link to Neuroinflammation and Effects of Ibudilast" (VA CSR&D CDA2)

Liefwalker, Daniel, "KDM5B Mediates Cell Survival in MYC-Dependence T-All" (NCI K01)

Marsh, Brenda, "TRAP1 agonists are novel bronchodilators: Investigating their bronchodilating effects in human asthmatic airways" (K12 Emergency Medicine)

Maughan, Brandon, "Sex Differences in Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism" (K12 Emergency Medicine)

O'Neil, Maya, "Assessment and Treatment of Cognitive Functioning Deficits in Veterans with PTSD" (VA RR&D CDA2)

Papesh, Melissa, "Physiological Assessment of Auditory Processing Disorders in TBI" (VA RR&D CDA2)

Robinson, Brooks, "Cocaine-Induced Plasticity of D2 Receptor Synapses" (NIH/NIDA K99) 

Sdrulla, Andrei, "Investigating the Neural Circuts of Spinal Cord Stimulation" (NIH/NINDS K08)

Shapiro, Michael, "Gender Influences on Lipoprotein Metabolism and Response to PCSK9 Inhibition" (K12 BIRCHW)

Skalet, Alison, "Circulating Hybrid Cells as a Prognostic Biomarker for Uveal Melanoma" (AARC-Ocular Melanoma Foundation Career Development Award)

Xia, Zheng, "In Silico Screening of Alternative Polyadenylation Regulators in Cancers" (NIH/NLM K01)

Bruegl, Amanda, "Cervical Cancer Prevention in the Pacific Northwest American Indian/Alaska Native Population: Understanding the Elevated Mortality Rate of a Preventable Cancer" (KL2 NIH/NCATS (OCTRI))

Chan, Brian, "Patient Centered Evaluation of an Intensive Primary Care Innovation (SUMMIT)" (K12 AHRQ PCOR)

Darney, Blair, "Young Latinas' Utilization of Contraception in Safety Net Clinics: Disparities and Interventions" (K12 AHRQ PCOR)

Davis, Melinda, "Using Context to Improve Implementation of Evidence-based Interventions for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Rural Primary Care (Precise CRC)" (NIH/NCI K07)

Denfield, Quin, "Gender-Associated Differences in Physical Frailty Phenotypes in Heart Failure" (K12 BIRCWH)

Graham, Alice, "Early Neurobiological Predictors of Executive Functioning in Toddlers" (NIH/NIMH K99)

Greenhouse, Ian, "Beyond Dopamine: Thalamic GABA and Motor Inhibition in Health and Parkinson's Disease" (KL2 NIH/NCATS (OCTRI))

Henkle, Emily, "Health-related Quality of Life as a Clinical Trial Endpoint for Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria Disease" (ATS Foundation/American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific Research grant)

Lam, Derek, "Developing a Predictive Model of the Outcomes of Adenotonsillectomy for Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome" (NIH/NHLBI K23)

Kea, Bory, "Optimal Anticoagulation Strategies for Acute Atrial Fibrillation" (NIH/NHLBI K08)

Kelleher, Meredith, "The Role of Choriodecidual Infection in the Pathogenesis of Fetal Inflammatory Brain Injury and Preterm Birth" (NIH/NICHD K99)

Mansoor, Steven, "Structure/Function Studies on the Mechanisms of Purinergic Receptor Activation and Antagonism" (NIH/NHLBI K99)

McHill, Andrew, "Influence of Circadian Misalignment on Energy Expenditure and Glucose Regulation in Obstructive Sleep Apnea" (KL2 NIH/NCATS (OCTRI))

Nazer, Babak, "Myocardial Ablation by Ultrasound Histrotripsy: Microbubble Facilitation" (NIH/NHLBI K08)

Newell, Laura, "Infection events in Pregnancy: PLGF Contributes to Maternal Morbidity" (K23 NIH/NICHD)

Newsom, Sean, "Mechanisms of Lipid-Related Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance in Obesity" (KL2 NIH/NCATS (OCTRI))

Piantino, Juan, "Early Non-invasive Physiologic Monitoring in Pediatric Trauma and Associate with 30-day Functional Outcomes" (K12 Emergency Medicine)

Proulx, Jeffrey, "Exploring the Adaption of Mindfulness in Native American Communities to Address Diabetes" (NIH/NCCIH K99)

Riley, Andrew, "Assessing Parent Priorities for Behavioral Health Information Technology (APP-BIT)" (K12 AHRQ PCOR)

Sun, Christina, "Comparative Effectiveness of HIV Prevention Strategies to Reduce Health Disparities" (K12 AHRQ PCOR)

Taratula, Olena, "Single Theranostic Agent for Image-Guided Surgery and Intraoperative Phototherapy" (KL2, NIH/NCATS (OCTRI))

Vranas, Kelly, "Hospital-level Variation in ICU admitting Patterns among Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department: A Mixed-Methods Approach" (K12 Emergency Medicine)

Weiskopf, Nicole, "Measuring and Improving Data Quality for Clinical Quality Measure Reliability" (NIH/NLM K01)


Choo, Esther, "A Computer-based Intervention for Women with Substance Use and IPV in the ED" (NIH/NIDA K23)

Davis, Lara, "CDK4 inhibition in a molecular-selected population of sarcomas" (SARC Sarcoma SPORE CDA)

Foster, Alex (Byron), "Positive Deviance in Early Childhood Obesity" (NIH/NIDDK K23)

Hansen, Matthew, "Improving the Safety and Efficacy of Out-of-Hospital Pediatric Airway Management" (NIH/NHLBI K23)

Lo, Jamie, "To Understand Regional Differences in Placental Development and Functional Output in a Non-Human Primate Model" (Reproductive Scientist Development Program, Washington University School of Medicine)

Karalunas, Sarah, "Neurophysiological Mechanims of Cognitive and Emotional Control in ADHD" (NIH/NIMH K23)

Karstens, Lisa, "The Urinary Microbiome in Health and Disease" (K12, BIRCWH) 

Sdrulla, Andrei, "Investigating the Neural Circuits of Spinal Cord Stimulation" (Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research)

Williams, Cydni, "Outcomes in Pediatric Neurocritical Care" (K12, AHRQ PCOR)

Wiszniewski, Wojciech, "Genome Analysis to Elucidate Molecular Mechanisms for Peripheral Neuropathies" (NIH/NHLBI K23 awarded in 2012 and transferred to OHSU)

Wu, Melinda, "Oxidative Stress in Vaso-occlusion Pathophysiology of Sickle Cell Disease" (NIH/NHLBI K08)

Yang, Paul, "Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Inosine Monophosphate Dehydrogenase Inhibitors in Retinitis Pigmentosa" (NIHNEI K08)


Bailey, Steffani, "Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records and Smoking Cessation Services in Community Health Centers" (NIH/NIDA K23)

Barton, Jennifer, "Goal Concordance in Rheumatoid Arthritis in Diverse Populations" (NIH NIAMS K23)

Boone-Heinonen, Janne, "The Dynamics of Transgenerational Obesity: Simulating Systems Solutions" (NIH/NDDK K01)

Gray, Nora, "Interactions of Centella Asiatica, Mitochondrial Function and Oxidative Stress During Aging" (NIH/NCCIH K99)

Hribar, Michelle, "Modeling and Optimization of Clinical Processes using EHR Data" (NIH/NLM K99)

Levitt, Erica, "Opioid Effects of Respiratory-controlling Pontine Neurons" (NIH/NIDA K99)

Lim, Miranda, "Mechanisms of sleep-wake disturbances in traumatic brain injury" (VA BLR&D CDA-2)

Lund, Amanda, "Melanoma-Associated Lymphangiogenesis, Immune Suppression, and Response to Targeted Therapy" (DoD Peer Reviewed Cancer CDA)

Martin, Ian, "Role of Elevated Diet-Linked Tor Activity and Protein Synthesis in Parkinson's Disease Neurodegeneration" (NIH/NIA K01)

O'Neil, Maya, "Effective Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder for Veterans: What Works for Whom", (K12 AHRQ PCOR)

Papesh, Melissa, "Central Auditory Effects of Blast Exposure and Traumatic Brain Injury" (VA RR&D CDA-1)

Rodriguez, Maria, "Examining the Impact of Health Care Reform on Publicly Funded Family Planning in Oregon" (K12, Women's Reproductive Health Research (WRHR) Program)

Senders, Angela, "Mindfulness-based stress reduction for Multiple Sclerosis: Feasibility, durability, and clinical outcomes" (K23, NIH/NCCAM).

Schenning, Katie, "Postoperative Cognitive Decline: Role of sex and APOE4" (K12, BIRCWH)

Sibley, Cailin, "Gene Expression Profiling in Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis and Related Conditions: Insights into Pathogenesis and Nonspecific Cases" (NIH/NIAMS K23)

Sullivan, Donald, "Impact of Specialist Palliative Care on Outcomes in Advanced Stage Lung Cancer" (NIH/NCI K07)

Teo, Alan, "Optimizing Veterans' Social Relationship to Enhance Depression Care" (VA HSR&D CDA-2)

Tilden, Ellen, "Comparative Effectiveness of Group Vs. Traditional Care on Perinatal Outcomes" (K12, BIRCWH)

Valent, Amy, "Characterization of lipid transports and hormonal influences of lipid trafficking in human tropholoblasts" (K12, Women's Reproductive Health Research (WHRH) Program)

Villasana, Laura, "The Role of Sex of Long-term Changes in Hippocampal Neurogenesis after Traumatic Brain Injury" (K12 BIRCWH)


Bramhall, Naomi, "Noise Induced Cochlear Neuronal Degeneration and Its Perceptual Consequences" (VA NCRAR-CDA-1).

Chadderdon, Scott, "Physical Activity and Obesity: The role of Eicosanoids in regulating capillary perfusion and vascular insulin resistance" (KL2, NCATS (OCTRI).

Davis, Melinda, "Pragmatic Coaching to Engage Rural Communities in Research (COACH)" (K12 AHRQ PCOR).

Dimitrova, Alexandra, "Electrophysiologic study of acupuncture's effect on the peripheral nervous system" (NIH/NCCAM K23)

Drake, Matthew,
 "Rapid toll-like receptor 7-mediated nitric oxide production in the airway" (NIH/NHLBI K08)

Drerup, Catherine (Katie), "Identifying modulators of dyne in-based cargo motility" (NIH/NINDS K99)

Eriksson, Carl, "Understanding Pediatric Surge Capacity" (K12 AHRQ PCOR)

Ferencik, Maros, "High-risk coronary plaque by CT for diagnosis and prognosis of CAD in primary and secondary prevention" (CDA, American Heart Association)

Fischer, Jared, "Cancer and Stem Cell Dynamics in the Intestine" (NIG/NCI K99)

Fling, Brett,"Neural mechanisms underlying freezing of gait resulting from Parkinsonism" (KL2, NCATS (OCTRI))

Guimaraes, Alexander, "Validation of MRI microvascular biomarkers in pancreatic cancer with magnetic nanoparticles", (NIH/NIBIB K08)

Hansen, Matthew, "Prehospital airway and respiratory emergencies" (K12 Emergency Medicine)

Holley, Amy, "Chronic Pain in Pediatric Primary Care" (NIH/NICHD K23)

Horner-Johnson, Willi, "Contraception use and preferences of women with disabilities" (K12, AHRQ PCOR).

Kea, Bory, "Optimization of oral anticoagulation strategies in acute atrial fibrilliation" (K12, Emergency Medicine).

Lovejoy, Travis, "Chronic pain management in Veterans with co-occurring substance use disorders" (VA CDA 2)

Mackiewicz Seghete, Kristen, "Neurobiological mechanisms of cognitive inhibitions in trauma-exposed adolescents" (NIH/NIMH K23)

Mancini, Martina, "Body-worn sensors to characterize and treat freezing of gait in Parkinson's Disease" (NIH/NICHD K99)

Marshall, Nicole, "Maternal body composition regulated placental function and fetal growth" (NIH/NICHD K23)

Moe, Esther, "A behavior change guide for prostate cancer survivors on physical activity options" (K12, AHRQ PCOR)

Newell, Laura, "PIGF enhances viral-induced innate immune inflammatory responses in human mononuclear phagocytes; a potential mechanism for virus related morbidity and mortality in pregnancy" (K12, BIRCWH)

Nolz, Jeffrey, "Regulation of memory CD8 T cell trafficking to inflamed tissues" (NIAID K22)

O'Neil, Maya, "Effective Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder for Veterans: What Works for Whom" (K12 AHRQ PCOR)

Ozburn, Angela, "Pharmacogenetic manipulation of brain regions to reduce alcohol binge drinking" (VA CDA 2)

Peterson, Daniel, "Effect of levodopa on postural motor learning in Parkinson Disease" (VA CDA 1)

Ruffel, Brian, "Regulating intratumoral leukocytes to improve response to chemotherapy" (NIH/NICHD K99)

Sampath, Harini, "Role of oxidative DNA damage in the onset and progression of metabolic syndrome" (NIH/NIDDK K99)

Skalsky, Rebecca, "The role of viral and cellular mirnas in b-cell lymphomagenesis" (NIH/NCI K99)

Snowden, Jonathan, "Cesarean delivery in overweight and obese women; patient and systems factors" (NIH/NICHD K99)

Sullivan, Donald, "Impact of Specialist Palliative Care on Outcomes in Advanced Stage Lung Cancer" (KL2, NCATS(OCTRI)).

Tehrani, Shandiz, "the Role of Optic Nerve Head Actin Cytoskeleton in Glaucoma" (NIH/NEI K08)

Teo, Alan, "Optimizing Veterans' social relationship to enhance depression care" (HSR&D CDA-2)

Zhao, Ningning, "Mechanisms of iron-dependent regulation of ZIP-14" ( NIH/NIDDK K99)


Chattergoon, Nathasha, "The unique role of B-RAF in murine cardiac development and postnatal function" (NIH/NHLBI K01)

Cherala, Ganesh, “Prenatal growth programs oral contraceptive metabolism and effectiveness” (K12, BIRCWH).

Doggett, J. Stone, "Development of the potent anti-malarial and anti-Toxoplasma drug, ELQ-316" (VA BLR&D CDA-2).

Heintzman, John, "The primary care medical home and preventive service use in Latino immigrants" (AHRQ K08)

Hinson, Holly, "Fever and inflammation in Neuro Trauma (FAINT)" (K12, Emergency Medicine)

Holtan, Shernan, “Sex-Based Differences in Allogeneic Immune Responses” (K12, BIRCWH)

Lee, Christine, “Metformin and Muscle in Insulin-resistant Older Veterans” (VA CDA-2)

Mackiewicz Seghete, Kristen, "Neural Mechanisms of Cognitive Inhibition in Trauma-exposed Adolescents'' (KL2, NIH/NCATS (OCTRI))

Quinones, Ana, "Complex Chronic Care Needs of Ethnically Diverse Older Americans" (CDA, American Diabetes Association)

Stecker, Eric, "Influence of pre-existing cardiovascular disease on response to cardiac arrest resuscitation (K12, Emergency Medicine)


Billings, Curtis, “Effects of speech-in-noise training on physiology & perception” (VA CDA-2)

Boone-Heinonen, Janne, “Obesity Disparities” (K12, BIRCWH)

Chang, Anna Marie, “The variability of services provided in emergency care using the Oregon All Payers All Claims Database” (K12, Emergency Medicine)

Dao, Kim-Hien, “Beta-Catenin is a molecular target of the Fanconi Anemia core complex” (NIH/NHLBI K08)

Ferencik, Maros, "High-risk coronary plaque by CT for diagnosis and prognosis of CAD in primary and secondary prevention" (CDA, American Heart Association)

Gibbs, Summer, “Nerve specific near infrared fluorescent contrast agents for image-guided surgery” (NIH/NIBIB K01)

Hibbs, Ryan, “3D structure and function of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors” (NIH/NINDS K99)

Hinson, Holly, “Quantifying Paroxysmal Sympathetic Hyperactivity in Traumatic Brain Injury” (K12, Emergency Medicine)

Huang, Hai, “Ion channels and presynaptic function of an auditory synapse” (NIH/NIDCD K99)

Hugos, Lucinda, “Randomized trial of a group program for fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis” (First R01 equivalent - VARR&D)

King, Laurie, “Balance and mild TBI” (KL2, NIH/NCATS (OCTRI)

Lin, Phoebe, “The effect of the microbiome on the development and severity of uveitis” (NIH/NEI K08)

Marshall, Nicole, “Maternal Body Composition” (KL2, NIH/NCATS (OCTRI)

Nielson, Carrie, “Mineralization Gene Variants: Biochemical Implications and Associations with BMD” (NIH/NIAMS K01)

Rowell, Susan, “TEG and TBI Progression” (K12, Emergency Medicine)

Soumyanath, Amala, “Preparing for a clinical trial of Centella asiatica in cognitive impairment” (Reentry into Biomedical Research Careers - Supplement to P30 OADC)

Traer, Elie, “Extrinsic Mechanisms of Kinase Resistance” (KL2, NIH/NCATS (OCTRI))

Tyner, Jeffrey, “ROR1 as a Therapeutic Target in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia” (NIH/NCI R00)

Wilhelm, Clare, “Role of Neuroinflammation in Behavioral Deficits Resulting from Chronic Alcohol” (VA CDA-2)

Xu, Jing, “Anti-Müllerian Hormone in Primate Folliculogenesis and Fertility Preservation” (K12, BIRCWH)

Zuckerman, Katharine, “Reducing Barriers to Autism Care for Latino Children” (NIH NIMH K23)


Adler, Eric, “Profiling Inherited Cardiomyopathies Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes” (NIH/NHLBI K23)
Agarwal, Anupriya, “Role of p27 in chronic myeloid leukemia and its potential as a therapeutic target” (NIH/NCI K99)

Bogan, Randy, “The Primate Corpus Luteum: Functional Regression and Cardiovascular Impacts” (NIH/NICHD K99)

DeBarber, Andrea, “Newborn Screening for Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis; A Paradigm for Screening in Newborns with Bile Acid Synthesis Disorders” (KL2, NIH/NCATS (OCTRI))

Dugan, Jae, “Characterization of the NOD2 NBD Domain and Role in Chronic Inflammation” (VA CDA-2)

El Youssef, Joseph, “Glucagon-Insulin-Glucose Physiology Study” (NIH/NIDDK K23)

Fair, Damien, “Functional circuits as endophenotype in ADHD” (NIH/NIMH R00)

Harriff, Melanie, “Mtb Uptake and Antigen Presentation in Human Lung Epithelial Cells” (VA CDA-2)

Hutchens, Michael, “Sex Difference in Renal Injury After Cardiac Arrest:Mechanisms of Estrogen Action” (NIH/NIDDK K08)

Jacobs, Peter, “Integrating Auditory and Visual Information to Improve Hearing Aids” (VA CDA)

Lee, Christine, “The Role of Insulin Resistance in Sarcopenia” (K12 BIRCWH)

McBride, Jodi, “RNAI Therapy for Huntingtons Disease: Safety and Efficacy in the Nonhuman Primate” (NIH/NINDS R00)

Mist, Scott, “Traditional Chinese Medicine for Fibromyalgia: A Whole Systems Trial” (NIH/NCCAM K23)

O'Neal, Seth, “Taenia solium Thai-Burma border” (KL2, NIH/NCATS (OCTRI))

O'Tierney-Gin, Perrie, “Maternal obesity depresses essential fatty acid transport in the placenta” (NIH/NICHD K99)

Pennesi, Mark, “Serotonin Receptor Modulation of Neurotrophic Factors in the Retina” (NIH/NEI K08)


Schnell, Eric, “Neuroligin Involvement in Synapse Formation During Adult Neurogenesis” (VA CDA-2)

Slatore, Christopher, “Lung Cancer Evaluation: Associations between Communication & Health” (VA CDA-2)

Sproat, Richard, “NLP for Augmentative and Alternative Communication in Children and Adults” (NIH/NIDCD K25)

Starmer, Amy, “The Comparative Effectiveness of Strategies to Improve Physician Handoffs of Care” (K12, Comparative Effectiveness Research)

Tanyi, James, “Effects of Transcytolemmal Water Exchange in Pharmacokinetic Analysis of DCE-MRI Data” (CDA - Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Research & Education Foundation)

Unni, Vivek, “The Regulation of AlphaL-Synuclein and Neurodegeneration in Parkinson's Disease” (NIH/NINDS K08)


Adler, Eric, “Profiling Inherited Cardiomyopathies Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes” (KL2, NIH/NCRR (OCTRI)).

Bender, Kevin, “Function and regulation of action potential bursts in the auditory system” (K99, NIH/NIDCD).

Block, Rebecca, “Fertility Decisions among Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer” (K12, BIRCWH).

Cameron, Michelle, “Mechanisms of Imbalance in MS” (VA CDA-2).

Carlson, Kathleen, “TBI and PTSD Comorbidity in OEF/OIF Veterans: Prevalence and Predictors” (VA CDA-2).

Cottrell, Erika, “Policy, practice and the role of patient preferences surrounding elective induction of labor prior to 39 weeks gestation” (K12, Comparative Effectiveness Research).

Erten-Lyons, Deniz, “Genetics and Healthy Brain Aging” (VA CDA-2).

Fair, Damien, “Functional circuits as endophenotype in ADHD” (K99, NIH/NIMH).

Friedlander, Joel, “Improving Pediatric Informed Consent and Assent Through Shared Decision Making” (K12, Comparative Effectiveness Research).

Hartung, Daniel, “Comparative Effectiveness of Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Policies” (K12, Comparative Effectiveness Research).

King, Laurie, “Effects of Physical Therapy in Chronic Neurologic Populations” (First R01 equivalent Foundation for Physical Therapy).

Konrad-Martin, Dawn, “Determinants of Word Recognition Speed in Older Listeners” (VA CDTA).

Kruer, Michael, “Novel gene discovery to characterize fundamental mechanisms of neurodegeneration” (CDA - American Academy of Neurology Clinical Research Training Fellowship).

Lancioni, Christina, “MTB directly regulates human CD4+ T cell activation” (K08, NIH/NIAID).

Lee, Christopher, “Gender Differences in Multi-Dimensional Symptoms Experienced by Adults with Heart Failure” (K12, BIRCWH).

Lin, Mike, “Endothelial SK3 Channel Modulation of EDHF is Estrogen Regulated” (K99, NIH/NHLBI).

McBride, Jodi, “RNAI Therapy for Huntingtons Disease: Safety and Efficacy in the Nonhuman Primate” (K99, NIH/NINDS).

Naugler, Willscott, “Role of Bile Acids in Initiation of Liver Regeneration” (K08, NIH/NIDDK).

Nielson, Carrie, “Urine-Plasma-Serum Pyrophosphate Pilot Study” (K12, BIRCWH).

Peterson, Amie, “The Effects of Vitamin D on Balance in Parkinson's Disease” (VA CDA).

Salinthone, Sonemany, “Anti-inflammatory role of LA in MS” (VA CDA-2).

Shafran, Izhak, “Assessing Brain Function and Engagement” (K25, NIH/NIA).

Simpson, Eric, “Prevention study for atopic dermatitis” (K23, NIH/NIAMS).

Spain, Rebecca, “Lipoic acid for neuroprotection in secondary progressive MS” (VA CDA-2).

Tyner, Jeffrey, “ROR1 as a Therapeutic Target in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia” (K99, NIH/NCI).

Weiss, Jessica, “Characterization and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in the Very Elderly” (K12, Comparative Effectiveness Research).

Wilson (Long), Anna, “Parent and Teen Health Study” (K23, NIH/NICHD).


Anderson, Valerie, “Quantitative Measurement of Cerebrovascular Permeability in Early Dementia” (K25, NIH/NIA).

Barnes, Anthony, “The Role of LKB1 in the Specification of Neuronal Polarity” (K01, NIH/NIMH).

Billings, Curtis, “Neural Encoding of Signals in Noise Effects of Hearing Impairment” (VA CDA-1).

Broberg, Craig, “Heart Failure in Congenital Heart Disease” (K23, NIH/NHLBI).

Dodge, Hiroko, “Patterns and Predictors of Normal Cognitive Aging” (K01, NIH/NIA).

Ford, Christopher, “Mechanisms of Dopamine Transmission in the VTA.” (K99, NIH/NIDA).

Grigsby, Peta, “Compartmental analysis of proteomic biomarkers during intra-uterine infections” (R00 NIH/NICHD).

Jonker, Sonnet, “Transfusion During Pregnancy: Fetal Cardiovascular Recovery Following Chronic Anemia” (K12, BIRCWH).

Kalpathy-Cramer, Jayashree, “Clinical Image Retrieval: User needs assessment, toolbox development & evaluation” (K99, NIH/NLM).
Kim, Antony, “The Evolution of Endocardial Thrombosis in Heart Failure” (K08, NIH/NIHLBI).

Lewis, Michele, “Spouse's effect on counseling to improve patient satisfaction with hearing aids” (VA CDA-2).

Li, Geng-Lin, “Auditory coding at the hair cell ribbon synapse” (K99, NIH/NIDCD).

MacDonald, Kelvin, “Pre-Clinical Assay of Prostone Compounds in Cystic Fibrosis” (K12, Oregon Child Health Research Center).

Matthews, Annette, “Smoking and bipolar disorder” (VA CDA-2).

Morgan, Terrence, “Elevated Angiotensinogen Expression and Fetal Programming in Mice” (K12, BIRCWH).

Nonas, Stephanie, “The Role of Cyclooxygenase 2 in Mechanical Stress-Indused Lung Injury” (K08, NIH/NHLBI).

Purdy, Georgiana, “Mycobacterial genes mediating resistance to bactericidal ubiquitin peptides” (K22, NIH/NIAID).

Roepke, Troy, “Estrogen regulation of channels involved in the control of energy homeostasis” (K99, NIH/NIDDK).


Bowman, Gene, “Platform for nutrition therapy in Alzheimer's” (K23, NIH/NCCAM).

Broberg, Craig, “Heart Failure in Congenital Heart Disease” (CDA - American Heart Association).

Buckley, David, “Cancer Control for Disabled Adults in Rural Primary Care” (CDA - American Cancer Society).

Chadderdon, Scott, “Assessing Vascular Imaging & Remodeling w/Molecular Imaging on Obese Primates” (CDA - American Heart Association).

Chang, Bill, “To Understand the Mechanisms of Resistance and to Develop New Targets for Therapy in Pediatric Ph+ Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia?” (K12, Oregon Child Health Research Center).

Chia, Dennis, “Mechanisms of IGF-I gene transcriptional activation by growth hormone signaling” (K12, Oregon Child Health Research Center).

Chu, Cong-Qiu, “Positive and Negative Regulation of IL-17 in Experimental Arthritis” (K08, NIH/NIAMSD).

Darnall, Beth, “Pain and Immunity” (K12, BIRCWH).

Grigsby, Peta, “Compartmental analysis of proteomic biomarkers during intra-uterine infections” (K99, NIH/NICHD).

Litvack, Jamie, “Role of Depression in the Outcomes of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery” (CDA - American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head/Neck Surgery Foundation).

Loftis, Jennifer, “Prophylactic Antidepressant Treatment” (VA CDA-2).

McCormick, James, “Analysis of distal convoluted tubule function in vivo” (K01, NIH/NIDDK).

McGregor, Jessina, “Antibiotic resistance surveillance to improve empiric therapy in outpatients” (KL2, NIH/NCRR (OCTRI)).

Messamore, Erik, “Niacin Subsensitivity as a Schizophrenia Endophenotype” (VA CDA-2).

Molis, Michelle, “Improving Vowel Perception by Hearing-Impaired Listeners” (VA CDA).
Morasco, Benjamin, “Chronic Pain and Hepatitis C” (K23, NIH/NIDA).

Nolt, Dawn, “Characterization of the phagosome during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection” (K08, NIH/NIAID).

Nyendak, Melissa, “Definition of Human Immunodominant CD8 Antigens in Tuberculosis” (KL2, NIH/NCRR (OCTRI)).

Obhrai, Jagdeep, “Activation of the alloimmune response” (K08 NIH/NIAID).

O'Rourke, Robert, “Tissue Inflammation and Immunologic Function in Human Obesity” (K08 NIH/NIDDK).

Poehlein, Christian, “Characterizing and Regulating Tumor-induced Regulatory T Cells” (K22 NIH/NCI).

Rieckmann, Traci, “Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices in Substance Abuse Treatment” (K23 NIH/NIDA).

Shin, Jung Bum, “Dynamics of Hair Bundle Proteins” (K99, NIH/NIDCD).

Singh, Satinder, “Transport and Inhibition in a Biogenic Amine Transporter” (K99, NIH/NIMH).

Taylor, Jason, “Genetic modification of macaque T-cells w/foamy viral vectors for HIV model” (K08, NIH/NIAID).

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