OCTRI Pilot Project Awards 2014

Each year, OCTRI awards pilot project funding to exceptional clinical and translational research projects and joins with strategic partners to leverage these resources across OHSU.  

OCTRI funded five projects designed to identify and foster creative bioengineering solutions for important health care problems. Well-developed ideas and visions of the end products, as well as collaboration between clinician scientists and bioengineering led to these innovative solutions. Collaboration allows the identification of a significant clinical problem, an innovative idea for a device to address the problem, bioengineering approaches for device development, and early clinical validations of device effectiveness.

Major funding for the Biomedical Innovation Program comes from OCTRI, with supplemental support from the Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute (OTRADI) and in collaboration with OHSU Technology Transfer and Business Development.

Peter Kurre
“Minimally-invasive biomarkers to monitor treatment response in AML”

Chris Madden
“Deep brain stimulation for treatment of obesity”

Linda Musil
“Device to prevent posterior capsule opacification after cataract surgery”

Helané Wahbeh
“Internet Mindfulness Meditation Intervention”



In 2014, OCTRI funded three projects designed to enhance translational research at OHSU. These novel, collaborative, multidisciplinary studies will lead to further research and funding in translational research. The funding was made available through institutional support of OCTRI from the School of Medicine and the Office of the VP Research.

Penelope Hogarth
"Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation: Research Cohort Development"

Cynthia McEvoy
"From Mother to Baby: Blocking Lung Disease and the Epigenetic Changes in Childhood Caused by Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy"

Garet Lahvis
"Oregon Animation Test for Social Reciprocity"