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OHSU Funding Portal

OHSU Funding Portal
The OHSU Funding Portal is the place to start when looking for internal, external, federal, foundation, and additional funding opportunities. The Portal connects you to the OHSU Funding Database, lets you sign up for weekly funding alerts, and provides links to InfoEd and other OHSU resources related to research funding.

Medical Research Foundation (MRF)
The MRF supports promising biomedical exploration and the development of research careers in clinical investigation through a grant program. The MRF provides a Discovery Award to an Oregon investigator who has made significant contributions to health-related research, a Mentor Award, and the Richard T. Jones New Investigator Award.  

Examples of Successful Grants
One of the best ways to submit a winning grant application is to review grant applications that have been successful in the past. OHSU's Research Funding & Development Services maintains a central library of successful grant examples that OHSU researchers have kindly agreed to share with others at OHSU to assist with research proposal development. This library includes examples of successful K (career development) awards.

Additional OHSU Resources

Research Grants and Contracts (RGC) Resources for Proposal Development
Contains important information to support proposal development such as processes for submitting the applications within OHSU and data to assist you in developing your application, including OHSU, local, and regional demographic data.

Research Resources

A compendium of core research support services available to assist investigators in the conduct of their research. Text for inclusion in funding applications is included.

External Funding Opportunities