OCTRI Pilot Project Awards: February 2007


David Feeny, PhD "Developing Health-Related Quality of Life Measurement Tools to Enhance Research and Treatment for Methamphetamine Substance Abuse"

Melanie Gillingham, PhD, RD "Metabolic Consequences of CPT1A Deficiency in Alaska Native Children"

Daniel Marks, MD, PhD "Epigenetic Metabolic Programming in the Non-human Primate"

Terry Morgan, MD, PhD "Molecular Diagnostic Assay to Detect High-Grade Cervical Dysplasia in Equivocal Liquid-Based Pap Smears"

Lisa Wood, BSN, PhD Adjuvant BC Treatment Induces a Loss of LBM by Increasing Systemic Il-6 Production Independent of Physical Activity

Peter Francis, MD, PhD Preclinical Model of Cell-based Therapies for Retinal Disease

Career Development

Blair A. Jobe, MD, Associate Professor Department of Surgery at OHSU

"Gene therapy in gastrointestinal surgery: Improving anastomotic healing by upregulating angiogenesis"

Co-Investigators: Shelley Winn, PhD, OHSU; and C. Kristian Enestvedt, MD, OHSU

Melissa Wong, PhD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at OHSU

"Identifying a molecular signature for aggressive metastatic colorectal cancer to inform treatment" 

Co-Investigators: Charles Lopez, MD, PhD, OHSU; and Rosalie Sears, PhD, OHSU