Boilerplate Text and Letters of Support

Boilerplate Resources and Facilities Descriptions

OCTRI provides the following sections of boilerplate text to assist investigators in preparing proposals, grant applications, and manuscripts. To access resource and facilities descriptions for inclusion in grant proposals, click on the document link below.  OCTRI makes minor adjustments to the text based on each unique grant application. The boilerplate text below includes the following sections:

  • Facilities description (including all Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) facilities)
  • Recruitment resources
  • REDCap language
  • Research Data Warehouse and Cohort Discovery language

 Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) Facilities & Equipment Descriptions

Note that these documents are not prepared for the (or any other sponsor) formatting guidelines and requirements. The documents are intended to allow you to copy and paste into your grant or proposal documents and format as appropriate.


Letters of Support

We are happy to provide letters of support for grant applications that are planning on utilizing OCTRI resources.  Please email the to request an OCTRI letter of support for your grant. 


Cost Estimates

If you are submitting a grant application with specific OCTRI resources, you must request a cost estimate to include in the proposal budget.  Without a cost estimate on file we cannot guarantee the resources you plan on using will be available or feasible for your project. 


Publication Acknowledgement

A brief statement to include in all publications related to a project that OCTRI has supported with funding or research services. This statement also applies to participants in the Human Investigations Program (HIP).

CTSA Award No. : UL1TR002369


OCTRI Other Support Information

Information about the NIH/NCATS award that supports OCTRI KL2 program for use in the Other Support sections of NIH biosketches.

OCTRI Other Support Information