Trial Innovation Network

CTSA Network built to Support Multi-Center Clinical Trials and Research Projects
The Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program has established a new network aimed at providing resources and infrastructure for investigators planning and conducting multi-site research.  

The goal of the Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is to address barriers that cause difficulty in getting multi-site clinical trials and research projects started. It is expected that the Trial Innovation Network will enable investigators to execute trials faster and with greater cost-efficiency. In addition, the TIN will serve as a national laboratory to help understand and innovate the process of conducting clinical trials. 

Primary Components of the Trial Innovation Network 
  • Single IRB review using SMART IRB platform
  • Master contracting agreements
  • Expert consultation on study design
  • Expert consultation on feasibility
  • Recruitment planning and tools
  • Patient engagement 
  • Identification of ideal sites 
  • Harmonization of processes across sites 

OCTRI's role in the Trial Innovation Network (TIN)
All CTSA sites, including OCTRI, are designated as local "Hubs" to the TIN. What this means is that OCTRI's Research Team is here to help OHSU investigators design multi-center research and will advise investigators on potential national resources available through the TIN. Furthermore, OCTRI's Research Team will guide investigators in the TIN application process and will leverage our experience and knowledge of the local environment to coordinate any TIN activities at OHSU as appropriate. 

OCTRI's Clinical Research Development Team (CRDT) for the Trial Innovation Network is led by Cynthia Morris, PhD, MPH. If you have questions or would like to set up a time to discuss your research project please contact OCTRI's Research Team TIN project manager, Kitt Swartz.