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News and Updates

October 2018: October has been a busy conference and meeting month for OR-FACE. During the annual FACE meeting at NIOSH's Division of Safety Research headquarters in Morgantown, WV, Layla Mansfield shared updates about OR-FACE activities over the past year and various works in progress. This year's annual FACE meeting was scheduled to coincide with CDC's National Occupational Injury Research Symposium (NOIRS). At NOIRS, Barb Epstien highlighted OR-FACE's agriculture industry partnership with SAIF, including the social network analysis underway with Oregon wine growers and the hazard alert developed for SAIF's agriculture seminar series. Also this month OR-FACE published an investigative report about a construction worker who was killed when a trench collapsed. You can download that report here.

September 2018: OR-FACE participated in the 11th annual meeting of the CSTE Western States Occupational Network (WestON) in Denver this month. Barb Epstien gave a Quick Takes presentation on OR-FACE's partnership with the Oregon Trucking Associations (OTA). You can find a copy of her presentation here. Barb also led a "brain buster" small-group breakout session, discussing successes and challenges in OR-FACE's mobile toolbox field research study. More information about the WestON meeting can be found on the Oregon and the Workplace blog.

June & July 2018: OR-FACE has been busy this summer with multiple activities and projects. We are serving on the GOSH 2019 conference planning committee as co-leaders of the Construction Track. We also are working on final stages of the 2016 annual report of fatalities in Oregon and a fatality investigation report, and have been busy with field studies. Stay tuned for more updates on all of these activities and projects soon.

May 2018: OR-FACE participated in multiple events in Portland during the 5th annual National Safety Stand-down in May. A highlight was a stand-down training event developed in collaboration between the Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center, OR-FACE, AGC-Oregon-Columbia Chapter and Oregon OSHA. The event was free and open to the public, and was held at the Portland Sheet Metal Institute. The stand-down training event featured the OSHA 7405 short course, "Fall Hazard Awareness for the Construction Industry" along with a panel discussion and demonstration of the use of fall protection equipment. Barb Epstien facilitated a toolbox talk using OR-FACE's recently published toolbox talk guide  about a construction worker who died after falling 20-25 feet from a pump-jack scaffold platform. The toolbox talk generated insightful attendee discussions about how they would prevent similar incidents from occurring on their jobsites. You can download this toolbox talk in English here and in Spanish here. OR-FACE also participated in a short video produced by NIOSH entitled, "A Five Year Look-back, National Safety Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction".