2013-05 Vineyard worker killed in fall from trailer  (pub Dec 2014) (rev Feb 2015)

2013-08 Contract sanitation worker killed cleaning meat blending equipment (pub Dec 2014) (rev Dec 2014)

2012-18 Experienced journeyman machinist killed while operating an engine lathe (pub Apr 2014)

2011-16 Millwright fatality involving a hydraulic accumulator (pub Dec 2013)

2008-01 Mechanic killed by excavator bucket during maintenance (pub Sep 2012)

2007-57 Temporary mill worker killed in fall down manlift shaft (pub Sep 2010)

2007-17 Highway worker crushed by swinging backhoe boom (pub Jan 2009)

2005-43 Mill worker killed by flying chunk of wood from chipper (pub Dec 2007)

2006-26 Machine operator dies after head crushed in machine (pub Oct 2007)

2006-06 Worker killed when jacket pocket activated machinery (pub Jun 2007)

2006-05 Mechanic killed when collar caught on PTO driveline (pub Nov 2006)

2005-28 Bulldozer movement kills operator standing on track (pub May 2006)

2004-23 Ranch hand killed by bulldozer while logging (pub May 2006)

2005-08 Mechanic killed while inspecting masonry stacker machine (pub Apr 2006)

2005-05 Operator crushed while repairing running machine (pub Mar 2006)

2004-15 Fabricator killed by ruptured hydraulic press fitting (pub Mar 2006)

2005-07 Technician crushed when aerial platform lift engaged (pub Feb 2006)

2004-37 Janitor using propane buffer killed by carbon monoxide (pub Feb 2006)

2003-29 Operator killed when bulldozer slides off logging road (pub Jan 2006)

2004-05 Machine operator electrocuted while shoveling pellets (pub Jan 2006)

2003-06 Logger killed by falling sheave when yarder tower collapses (pub Oct 2005)

2004-04 Parked forklift crushes operator against semi-trailer (pub Sep 2005)

2004-10 Forklift crushes operator working underneath on starter (pub Sep 2005)

2004-07 Nursery laborer killed in skid-steer loader  (pub Aug 2005)

2003-40 Effort to clear rock jam in operating rock crusher fatal (pub Apr 2005)

2004-03 Sawmill worker crushed during debarker maintenance (pub Mar 2005)

2003-18 Auto salvage worker killed by unsecured car on transporter (pub Aug 2004)

2003-39 Worker is thrown from cab of crane and is crushed (pub Jul 2004)

2003-19 Farmer is killed when he falls beneath moving combine (pub Jul 2004)

2003-15 Construction worker dies when he leans out of the protective cage of a skid steer forklift and is crushed (pub Jul 2004)

2003-16 Load of lumber shifts and falls on construction worker killing him (pub Jul 2004)