Buzz about PUSH

Young Construction Worker and Supervisor


Larissa Doty, Aquatics Coordinator, Portland Parks and Recreation
"The content in the PUSH training helps us ensure that our staff is prepared to work safely and provides information about their rights as workers and encourages them to speak up when they have questions. We also value the health promotion focus of the training, because we are aware that on the job, healthy workers are safe workers."

  • 73% of young workers that took the PUSH training agreed that they would recommend the training to a coworker
  • 68% really enjoyed taking the PUSH training
  • 69% said the PUSH training was useful in improving health and safety on the worksite
  • 63% reported changing one or more behaviors because of the PUSH training (at 10-week follow up) 

Barbara Aguon, Safety Manager, Portland Parks and Recreation
"Based on the results from the study conducted during the summer of 2013, we believe that using PUSH as a standard training for new hires is a wise investment in our employees. Not only does it enhance the training that we require for all workers, but the online format allows us to save time and money that we would otherwise need to spend on in-person training."

PUSH Video Evaluation Focus Group Participants, Real Young Workers
"The video was short but gave an empowering feeling to its audience. I believe every worker, young and old, should see this video"

"The video was memorable due to the use of humor in many of the sections…"

"I thought this video was actually pretty entertaining for being a training video…"