Bringing Total Worker Health to the Community

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center's Outreach Core Aims:

  • Create sustainable partnerships and networks with employers, associations, unions, and community-based organizations.
  • Facilitate effective translation of research to practice, and create packaged toolkits resulting from OHWC research interventions to be disseminated among partners, stakeholders, and supporters.
  • Expand our reach to include new community-based organizations, small businesses, and vulnerable work sectors.
  • Develop and provide educational opportunities on new and relevant topics pertaining to Total Worker Health.
  • Expand our digital strategy to deliver our products and services in an accessible way.

The Outreach Core consists of four components: 

  1. Outreach Central
  2. Education Launcher
  3. Intervention Incubator
  4. Dissemination Engine
Read more about each of the Outreach Core components, and our upcoming events below. 

Our Events

Upcoming and Past Outreach Events

Outreach Central

Led by Dede Montgomery, CIH
Stimulates & broadens regional impact of Total Worker Health®
Outreach Central fosters the essence of our communication with our partners and stakeholders, while channeling a flow of contacts and connections to the other arms of the Outreach Core. We aim to create sustainable partnerships, help translate our packaged evidence-based products to stakeholders, expand our reach to include new industry partners, educate audiences on Total Worker Health (TWH) topics, expand our digital strategy, and maximize their reach, utilization, and effectiveness.

Outreach Central key activities:

  • Blogs and newsletters
  • Social media
  • Websites and online resources
  • Face-to-face contact through presentations at key events and conferences
  • Development of partnerships

Intervention Incubator

Led by Ryan Olson, PhD
Foster exchange of ideas; develop steady stream of Total Worker Health® interventions

Intervention Incubator is a new component of the Outreach Core. The aim of this effort is to  generate new intervention ideas, research directions, and partnerships within the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center. Our programs address the Outreach Core’s aims to engage our current partners and outreach networks to help generate and test new intervention ideas from stakeholder groups and respond with evidence-based products for dissemination. In doing so, we will also expand our reach to include new work sectors.

Intervention Incubator key activities include:
  • Science-Industry Meet-ups
  • Partners’ Luncheons
  • Student-Scholar Projects
  • The “Change Makers” speaker series

Dissemination Engine


Led by Leslie Hammer, PhD
Activates dissemination channels through collaborative efforts between OHWC & Industry partners

A new component of the Outreach Core is our Dissemination Engine. These efforts will help us actively disseminate and translate evidence-based trainings, tools, and approaches developed and evaluated by OHWC researchers. The purpose of the Dissemination Engine is to activate channels for sharing our intervention work with the goal of maximizing the Center's THW impact. These efforts are coordinated by  Dissemination Liaison, Helen Schuckers, MPH. While publishing in the academic and practitioner-related arena remains a focus of the dissemination engine, our multifaceted approach will create sustainable community partnerships to help identify dissemination avenues, translate and disseminate our packaged evidence-based tools and toolkits within the community. We will measure our reach, utilization, and effectiveness in practice to further expand our regional reach and impact.

Dissemination engine key activities:

  • Dissemination of tools and toolkits through collaborative efforts with regional and national community partners and professional groups
  • Developing sustainable and effective dissemination platform
  • Dissemination guidance from the Center’s External Advisory Committee

Education Launcher

Led by Anjali Rameshbabu, PhD
Stimulates opportunities for Total Worker Health® education & research within interdisciplinary field; training Total Worker Health (TWH) practitioners and champions 

The Education Launcher focuses on widening our reach and impact through TWH education. Education Launcher will help further the Outreach Core’s goals to enhance TWH interventions, disseminate and translate them within the community, and in turn, serve to expand our TWH education reach and impact. Education Launcher programs will provide opportunities for TWH education and intervention research expertise in the community by leveraging our existing networks, partnerships, and connections. In conjunction with the other components.

Education Launcher key activities:

  • Summer Institute
  • Science Seminars
  • Biannual Symposia
  • Video Education Series
  • Total Worker Health promotion at conferences
  • Summer Internships & Dissertation Awards

Community Awards & Words

Exciting news! OHWC received the Safety and Health Advocate (Team) Award by the Oregon Governor's Occupational Safety and Health Conference 2017!

GOSH 2017 Award OHWC

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