Partners' Luncheon

Who are our partners?

Our partners seek to improve safety, health, and personal wellness in their workplace (company, union, government) in Oregon and neighboring areas.

Goals of our Luncheon

  • Learn what our partners want from the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center
  • Provide information about total worker health that is of interest to our partners
  • Determine the most important safety, health, and wellness issues to our partners
  • Identify the easy problems in safety, health, or wellness, that an intervention could easily solve in your organization
  • Build interest in developing an Oregon-wide research program that studies the effectiveness of intervention programs designed to improve total worker health. 
2019 Partners' Luncheon

The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center invited stakeholders at the Oregon Health & Science University to engage in a conversation about improving the safety, health, and well-being of OHSU employees. In order to facilitate a well-informed and fruitful dialogue, we invited colleagues from diverse backgrounds and experiences at OHSU, which led to an enriching discussion powered by decision-makers and leaders from  Human Resource, Risk Management, AFSCME (public employees’ union), School of Medicine, Occupational Health, Environmental Safety and Health, and Transportation.

Among many take-aways from this 2-hour event were the passion that our colleagues felt for enhancing worker well-being, the drive to tackle what are some compelling concerns, and the quiet dedication toward making a difference at every level. We look forward to bolstering our partnerships with our colleagues at OHSU, boost our collaborative strengths and efforts, and bring Total Worker Health home.

2017 Partners' Luncheon

Representatives from organizations across Oregon gathered at Portland State University on October 6, 2017 for the Study for Employment Retention of Veterans (SERVe) Employer Summit. SERVe, a 5-year study funded by the Department of Defense, is aimed at increasing the retention of veteran employees within organizations and improving the health and well-being of veterans and their families through supervisor training. 

At the Partners' Luncheon, members of the SERVe research team, led by Dr. Leslie Hammer of Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University, shared the progress of the SERVe project and discussed future endeavors with 65 community professionals and researchers from around the region. Additionally, guest speakers presented on workplace and veteran support resources. To read more, visit our blog. Thank you for all those who participated!


  • "It was nice to hear about the support and resources available to veterans, and I hope the employers in the audience took note!"
  • "Everything we do to better understand the unique needs and strengths of our veteran employees helps those employees connect with veteran students so the benefits "snowball"."
  • "Helped me to know all of the different programs available to employers and vets within the state."
  • "As a veteran and supervisor, I enjoyed this."

2016 Partners' Luncheon

We would like to thank our stakeholders and partners who were able to attend our 2016 Partners' Luncheon, held on October 3, 2016 at University Place Hotel and Conference Center, Portland OR.


  • "I actually really enjoyed hearing about the other research and about access to toolkits and other resources."
  • "Great work on the projects. Top notch tools!"
  • "This has been a great program for our team encouraging healthy and safe behavior. Although it is a 14 week commitment, it was worth it!"
  • "Great presentations--good to see it all put together with the results too."
  • "This seemed like a great way to engage partners and bring to the varied workplace intervention possibilities."

2014 Partners' Luncheon

Thanks to our stakeholders and partners who were able to attend our 2014 Partners' Luncheon, held on March 20, 2014.The 2014 Partners' Luncheon keynote was provided by Lee Newman, MD, Professor of the Colorado School of Public Health and School of Medicine, and Director of the Center for Worker Health and Environment and NIOSH Mountain and Plains ERC.

Download Materials from the 2014 Partner's Luncheon

2012 Partners' Luncheon

 The Oregon Healthy Workforce Center's Partners' Luncheon, held September 14, 2012, was a huge success. The luncheon provided an opportunity for stakeholder networking and discussion of topics of interest to partners.

The luncheon speaker, Larry S. Chapman of the Chapman Institute, spoke about Return of Investment of Workplace Wellness programs. The recorded webinar of Mr. Chapman on "An Authoritative Look at the ROI of Worksite Wellness Programs" is now available. Watch & listen now.

Download materials from 2012 Partners' Luncheon