Kent Anger, PhD, Total Worker Health, OHW Center Director Leslie Hammer, PhD Ryan Olson, PhD Dede Montgomery, MS, CIH: Outreach Director Anjali Rameshbabu, PhD: OHWC Center Manager Todd Bodner, PhD Ginger Hanson, PhD David Hurtado, ScD Steven A Shea, PhD: Sleep and Shiftwork: Impact on Health, Safety and Productivity Saurabh Thosar, PhD Pete Johnson, PhD, MS: Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, OHWC Collaborator Brad Wipfli, PhD

Affiliated Faculty

Jennifer Dimoff, PhD Jennifer Hess, DC, PhD, MPH

Project Staff

Nichole Guilfoy, BS Miguel Marino, PhD Helen Schuckers, MPH: Dissemination Specialist Sara Wild, MPH: Research Assistant 2

Administrative Staff

Alisa Mukai, BA: Administrative Coordinator Lynne Rowell, BS: Financial Analyst Jen Prissel, MA: Associate Director for Administration