The COMPASS Project

COMPASS is based at the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center at Oregon Health & Science University. Investigators include Ryan Olson (Principal Investigator; Occupational Health and Behavioral Psychologist at OHSU), Jennifer Hess (Ergonomist at the University of Oregon), and Miguel Marino (Biostatistician at OHSU). Research staff include Brad Wipfli (Exercise Scientist at OHSU), Kelsey Parker (Postdoctoral Research Associate at OHSU), and Katrina Bettencourt (Research Assistant at OHSU). We thank Diane Elliot for her wonderful contributions as a co-investigator during project development and the randomized controlled trial.

As part of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC), COMPASS is funded by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH).

The OHWC is a collaborative effort between the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences; the Occupational Health Psychology program at Portland State University; the Center for Health Research at Kaiser Permanente; and the Labor Education and Research Center at the University of Oregon.