COMPASS Sessions 1-7

Team Resources for Workbook Sessions 1-7

Session 1: How COMPASS Teams Work

Team Goal - Odds vs. Evens Step Count Challenge

Individual Goal Options

  • Increase workday steps
  • Increase errand/commute steps
  • Increase free time steps

Session 1 Extras

Session 2: Fruits and Vegetables

Team Goal - Fruit and Veggie Challenge

Individual Goal Options

Session 2 Extras


Session 3: Back to Healthy Postures

Team Goal - Neutral spine posture in a housekeeping task

Individual Goal Options

  • Neutral spine tracking by task
  • Neutral spine tracking by alarm
  • Adopt a neutral spine technique from the session

Session 3 Extras


Session 4: Functional Fitness

Team Goal - Odds vs. Evens Step Count Challenge

Individual Goal Options

  • Core exercise scavenger hunt
  • Strength training 2 times a week 
  • Increase active hobbies, classes, or sports

Session 4 Extras

Session 5: Take a Load Off With Tools

Team Goal - Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others

Individual Goal Options

  • Increase use of tools already on hand
  • Use knee pad for household kneeling tasks
  • Talk to case manager about needed tools or training

Session 5 Extras


Session 6: Communicate for Hazard Correction

Team Goal - Complete Home Hazard Checklist

Individual Goal Options

  • Good day/bad day interview with employer
  • Using PRAISE communication skills with employer
    • P = Plan
    • R = Respect
    • A = Ask Open-Ended Questions
    • I = use "I Statements"
    • S = Simply Listen
    • E = Express Empathy
  • Find and correct a hazard in your own home

Session 6 Extras


Session 7: Mental Health

Team Goal - COMPASS mental health book club

Individual Goal Options

  • Gratitude and mood journal
  • Practice progressive muscle relaxation
  • Healthy stress coping

Session 7 Extras