Innovations in Safety Climate


Presented by CROET and PSU Occupational HEALTH Psychology Program

Friday, October 28, 2011 from 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

University Place, 310 SW Lincoln Street, Portland, Oregon

Willamette Falls Room



Transforming Safety Climate 


Kevin Kelloway, Ph.D., Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health Psychology, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Although there is an extensive research literature on the importance of safety climate in promoting occupational health and safety, much less attention has been given to the questions of how we create and sustain an effective safety climate. This presentation will draw on both empirical research and practical experience in organizations to suggest means of transforming safety climate in organizations.

Converging on Climate: Different Intervention Paths to the Same Destination


Ryan Olson, Ph.D., Assistant Scientist, CROET, OHSU

This talk will review different intervention models for creating improvements in engineering, behavior, and safety climate.  These include safety communication feedback loops focused on supervisors, safety feedback processes focused on line workers, and training courses that result in visible safety solution projects.

Patient Safety and Employee Safety in Health Care: An Industry Struggles with Cultural Change 


Steven Hecker, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center

Since the 1999 Institute of Medicine report on medical errors, To Err Is Human, health care organizations and regulatory bodies  have launched numerous patient safety initiatives, with decidedly mixed results. This presentation will explore the link between patient safety and  employee safety, the particular challenges of changing safety culture and climate in health care, and the applicability of  lessons from high reliability sectors like aviation to health care.

The Role of Innovation in the Evolving Oregon Construction Safety Landscape: A Tactical Approach to Influencing an Industry 

Brett Phillips, LEED AP, Principal Consultant, EORM

Many organizations that purchase construction services assume that construction companies continuously improve their methods and processes.  Yet, recent Construction Industry Institute (CII) research indicates that “ a significant gap exists between an effective approach to innovation and the industry’s current approach…”, which attempts to repeat a model for success project-to-project.

This presentation will show tactics used by a few organizations in the Portland area to attempt to nudge the industry to embrace continuous improvement by encouraging and recognizing innovative practices.

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