David Hurtado Lab

Description of our Current Research

David Hurtado with poster

Our lab is committed to evaluating and impacting social determinants of health within the workplace. We draw upon key principles from organizational development, psychology, communication, public health as well as evidence based interventions in the occupational health literature to ensure the workplace is a safe, supportive place where employees are empowered and can maximize their productivity.

Peer Based Programs

A key determinant in the workplace is the influence of peers. Workplace peers are often more available than their supervisors which can aid in the identification of workplace problems as well as the promotion, implementation and maintenance of sustainable solutions. Peer based programs have demonstrated the ability to impact health outcomes in the community (Webel et. al, 2010), but have been underutilized in workplace health and safety despite promising evidence from previous workplace interventions from our colleagues within the institute and in the literature. Social network analysis is emerging as a key tool to identify influential peers (Borgatti, 2006) which is imperative given the literature on the best method for identifying peer leaders is still unclear (Valente, 2008).

Social Determinants of Health


Total Worker Health Interventions

The National Insitute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) defines Total Worker Health® (TWH) as policies, programs, and practices that integrate protection from work-related safety and health hazards with promotion of injury and illness prevention efforts to advance worker well-being.

TWH is a holistic approach to worker well-being. It acknowledges risk factors related to work that contribute to health problems previously considered unrelated to work. The TWH approach seeks to improve well-being in the American workforce for the benefit of workers, employers, and the nation by protecting safety and enhancing health and productivity. Our colleagues have identified successes and challenges in developing effective Total Worker Health Interventions that can impact work-life stress and health behaviors. Our lab seeks collaboration opportunities with organizations in the pacific northwest to develop training to improve safety, health and well-being in occupational populations.

Laboratory Members and Staff

 David Hurtado Lab Group
Lab Members: L to R: Sam Greenspan, MPH, Lisset Dumet MBA,
David Hurtado, PhD, Gregory Heinonen, CNA (2017 Summer Intern)

Sam Greenspan, MPH - Research Assistant

Sam Greenspan, MPH
  • There is often a gap between evidence based, best practices developed in basic research and the ability to translate, implement and evaluate these practices across a given industry to impact a targeted health outcome. I'm interested in understanding and addressing challenges that lie in replicating and maintaining successful outcomes across locations. 
  • I received my bachelor's degree in psychology from Lewis and Clark College in 2010 and later completed my master's of public health degree Graduate University's School of Community and Global Health in 2016 where I also received the Meritorious School of Community and Global Health Fellowship Award. I completed my fellowship at Children's Hospital Los Angeles through their Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities program (LEND).
  • I've presented posters of my research at CHLA's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, the Saban Institute, OHSU Research week and at the 72nd and 73rd Annual Oregon Public Health Association Conference. 
  • I have over 2 years experience working with youth in clinical populations with mental health disorders in addition to multiple years teaching a variety of subjects including guitar/music theory, leadership principles, physical education, rope climbing safety, Judaism and academic tutoring.
  • As a research assistant for Dr. David Hurtado, I present training curriculum to our target populations, develop program curriculum, codebooks and IRB related documents such research protocols and informed consent as well as contribute to manuscript submissions and grant proposals.
  • In addition to my work as research assistant for Dr. David Hurtado at OHSU's Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, I volunteer as a community grant evaluator for the Oregon Community Foundation, financial officer for the Oregon Program Evaluators Network and as a member of the Oregon Public Health Association's Health, Education and Promotion section.
  • Lisset Dumet, MBA - Research Assistant

    Lisset Cumet, MBA
    • I completed a Master's degree in Business Administration specializing in the field of Operations and Information Technology at the University of Seville, Spain and completed a B.S. in Statistics and Informatics from the National Agrarian University in Lima, Peru in December 2010.
    • Working in Dr. Hurtado's Lab as a Research Assistant II in the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health that is part of Oregon Health and Science University. Mostly focused on data analysis and evaluation of social projects that are aimed to improve the health effects related to: time at work (e.g. work hours, breaks), social interaction at work (e.g. peer effects, supervisor and coworker support) and socioeconomic factors (e.g. employment policies).
    • Previously, I worked as a Data Analyst &Research Evaluator in the Division of Community Services in the Center for Evaluation and Sociomedical Research (CIES), of the Graduate School of Public Health of the University of Puerto Rico evaluating the impact of government programs related to health and education in select communities.

    Research Projects

    • Safe Patient Handling Champions
      Sites (Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital, Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital)
    • Needs assessment and program evaluation for Parole Officers and Juvenile Correction Counselors
      Site: Department of Community Justice
    • Needs assessment and program evaluation of health department employees
      Site: Multnomah County Health Department
    • Evaluation of health outcomes in organizations with paid parental leave policy in the workplace
      Site: Multnomah County