Charles Allen lab

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Research Interests

The long-term goal of our research is to understand the functional properties of SCN neurons and how the circadian clock regulates these properties. To reach this goal we are pursuing four lines of research. Click here for a summary of our work in these areas. 

  • Cellular electrophysiology of the suprachiasmatic nucleus
  • Regulation of retinal input to the SCN
  • Role of intracellular Ca2+ as a signaling molecule in the circadian system
  • Characterization of the retinal ganglion cells projecting to the SCN

Lab Members

The Allen Lab, July 2016.  Misha Moldavan, Olga Cravetchi, Nate Klett, Lauren Hablitz

The Allen Lab, July 2016. Misha Moldavan, Olga Cravetchi, Nate Klett, Lauren Hablitz

Mykhaylo Moldavan, Ph.D. - Senior Research Associate

Misha Moldavan, Ph.D.

Dr. Moldavan received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Kyiv State University in Kyiv, Ukraine and his Ph.D. in Physiology from the Bogomoletz Institute of Kyiv, Ukraine. He is studying the modulation, by presynaptic receptors, of optic nerve signaling to the suprachiasmatic nucleus.  For more information

Olga Cravetchi, M.S., M.D. - Research Assistant III

Olga Cravetchi

Olga Cravetchi, Research Assistant II, joined the lab in August 2011. She received her MS in Experimental Medicine in 2009 from University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and also got a MD in Pediatrics from the State University of Medicine, Moldova. Her work assists all projects that run in the laboratory. She performs neuronal cell cultures for intracellular imaging, molecular biology experiments as well as protein expression analysis using Western blot and IHC.