What We Do

The Vollum Institute is home to 22 faculty scientists and 180 research staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students, all working together to unravel the molecular mysteries leading to diseases from autism to addiction, from multiple sclerosis to stroke. Vollum scientists are studying how…

  • chemicals such as glutamate and dopamine mediate neuronal communication
  • brain function is disrupted in diseases such as epilepsy
  • sound produces electrical signals in hearing pathways
  • proteins signal to govern cell death and development
  • synaptic connections between neurons become stronger and weaker
  • psychiatric drugs and drugs of abuse mediate their therapeutic and harmful actions

Giving to the Vollum

We know less about how the brain works than any other part of the body. Advances in treatments for neurological and psychiatric diseases require much better understanding of brain functions which, in turn, requires new approaches for investigating fundamental neuronal properties. Contributing to basic neuroscience research is the best way to advance the understanding of how the brain works and, ultimately, to develop new therapeutic approaches for diseases of brain function.

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