Non-Academic Careers

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If you decide to launch your career beyond academia, then there are any number of sectors from which you can choose - pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, law, science communication, science policy, and much more. Before you set your sights on one of these paths, take the career planning steps necessary to ensure your chosen path is the correct one for you.

One. Identify your skills, interests, and values.

It is important that you know yourself before you set out on any career path. Conducting a self-assessment to identify your skills, interests, and values will help you determine the career that is most satisfying. To conduct a self-assessment, create an individual development plan, or schedule an individual career advising appointment.

Two. Explore and decide on your career path.

After you have identified your skills interests and values, you can explore the variety of careers in search of a best match. Career exploration strategies, such as reading and informational interviewing, are great ways to learn more about your options.

Three. Prepare for your career path.

Once you have narrowed your career options, determine the skills you have that make you competitive, but also the experiences you may need to gain in order to be successful. View the Career Training Workshops page to determine how you can gain the experience you need.


If you already conducted the self-assessment and career exploration portions of the career planning process, you are ready to explore the links above.