Research Resources

OHSU's research infrastructure is designed to promote multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to solving the most intractable problems in human health. Use the resources below to design and execute the studies for your next breakthrough.

Research Cores & Shared Resources

OHSU's cores are your campus technology partners dedicated to the success of your project. Cores help investigators reach their scientific goals through access to state-of-the-art technology and consultation with top-level scientific expertise. For optimal results, take advantage of these resources within the OHSU community, such as the Advanced Imaging Research Center, the Biomolecular Structure Laboratory, the Medicinal Chemistry Core, and the Flow Cytometry Core, to name a few.

Research Integrity Office


The OHSU Research Integrity Office (ORIO) is charged with protecting and assuring compliance under the laws that govern the rights and welfare of human and animal subjects, and the oversight of basic and applied scientific research at OHSU. If your research involves human or animal subjects, you will coordinate with ORIO's Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), respectively. ORIO also oversees the Institutional Biosafety Committee, the Conflict of Interest in Research Committee, and the Scientific Integrity Committee. Visit their website for forms and research policies.

Department of Comparative Medicine


OHSU's Department of Comparative Medicine is dedicated to ensuring the judicious and humane use of animals in the pursuit of scientific excellence for the benefit of human and animal health. They provide professional and technical services for laboratory animal care, veterinary medical care, animal research project support, and genetically engineered model development and preservation for the OHSU research community


Technology Transfer & Clinical Trials Offices

knowledge transfer
Depending on your research, you may need to contact the Technology Transfer and Business Development Office (TTBD) or the Clinical Trials Office (CTO). TTBD promotes the commericialization of technologies and intellectual property. They also netioate and manage commercialization agreements and transfer of research materials, and assist in securing industry research collaboration. The CTO provides study start-up services for industry sponsored clinical trials, negotiates clinical trial agreements and associated agreements, and serves as liaison between sponsor companies and investigators to inform faculty of potential clinical trial opportunities.