Research Data Storage

Research Data Storage provides long-term, large-scale, secure storage housed at two physical locations which provide optimal data replication and redundancy.

Offered in partnership between the Advanced Computing Center (ACC) and the Information Technology Group (ITG), Research Data Storage is OHSU's first large scale data storage service designed specifically to meet the needs of the research community through a easy-to-access, robust and flexible platform.


  • $70 per terabyte (TB) per year
  • $140 per TB per year for site replicated storage
  • 10 TB minimum

Common uses for RDS storage shares include:  use as a second location for storing important lab data (a more reliable alternative to USB storage devices), network mounted storage for projects too large for the traditional X: drive solution, and persistent warm storage for ExaCloud data to free up lustre filesystem space to improve cluster performance and manage project quotas.

Storage shares on the RDS platform can also be configured to enhance data protection by implementing optional site replication (disaster recovery) and local filesystem snapshots (rapid file recovery from user error).  Both data protection options use storage that counts against your total storage quota, but require no further fees.  For an additional fee, RDS shares can be backed up to tape through services offered through the Advanced Computing Center (ACC).  Please contact ACC for further information.

Remote (off-campus) access to RDS shares is possible through traditional OHSU remote access offerings like CITRIX and VPN access.  ACC also offers a remote access method for an additional fee.  Please contact ACC for further information.


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