Biostatistics & Design Program

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About Us

BDP faculty and staff have a long history of collaborating on design and analysis of a wide range of content areas in the health sciences, and are experts in the design of clinical trials, clinical and community-based intervention studies, laboratory experiments, and observational studies. We will help investigators select the most appropriate study design to align with their research questions.

Our group has expertise in a wide variety of traditional and modern statistical methods.  We can help with trial design and analysis, epidemiologic analysis, sample size and power, high-dimensional data analysis, risk prediction, complex survey analysis, time-to-event and longitudinal models, and statistical simulation.

The BDP can also conducts data management and wrangling, analytic variable coding and data set creation, research database design, data visualization, manuscript preparation, statistical programming, and much more. The BDP can coordinate services with other cores that generate and process data, should your project require it.

We encourage researchers to consult with the BDP as early as possible and to work with a biostatistician when developing study designs and statistical analysis plans. 


  • Pre-award support including statistical support for grant submissions, proposal development, study design, sample size and power analysis, and statistical analysis planning.
  • Post-award support including statistical analysis, data management, data preparation, interim analysis, assistance with manuscript preparation and review.
  • We also support the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute's (OCTRI) Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) Program.
    • Advice sessions sponsored by OCTRI-BERD are held once a week and provide investigators access to informal biostatistics guidance. 
      • These sessions tend to be booked a few weeks out; please email us ahead of time to reserve your spot at .
    • OCTRI Research Forum - BERD Workshops & Seminars for education and professional development are typically held monthly.