We offer services to others affiliated with the OHSU campus, to academics from other institutes, and to the public. Listed below are charges for our typical services. To find prices for other services (as described in Available Services), please Contact Us to request a quote.

To submit a request for sample analysis and to get information on sample preparation, please go to Request Services & Check Results.



OHSU (All)


Non-Academic Non-OHSU

Solution analysis 1-5 elements*
$20.00 $27.50 $50.00
Extra elements
$3.00 per element
$4.00 per element
$5.00 per element
Sample digestion
$20.00 $27.50 $50.00
Machine time unassisted
$60/hr $100/hr $150.00/hr
Technician time/Special services (e.g. semi-quantitative)
$40/hr + machine time
$60/hr + machine time
$80/hr + machine time
New customer setup
 $25.00  $32.50 $50.00
Data analysis
Free Free Free

*10 % discount for > 100 samples.
*$100 minimum required for all orders.

Effective January 1, 2017