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Physician Assistant students at Pacific University gain hands-on experience using ReelDx

How OHSU and GE Healthcare are solving a major headache: Patient logistics
(Portland Business Journal)

Portland health tech startup finds success pivoting back to its roots
(Portland Business Journal)

Aronora's new blood clot treatment receives FDA Fast Track designation
(PR Newswire)

Pediatric vision test GoCheck Kids launches for iPhone
(MobiHealth News)

Three researchers receive 2018 BIP drug discovery awards
(OHSU Research News)

Murdock Trust announces record year of giving
(East Oregonian)

New device offers solution for ringing ears
(NBC Nightly News)

How a $600M jolt could get OHSU's promising AIDS vaccine to market
(Portland Business Journal)

Inside OHSU's $20M quest to deliver the world's first permanent artificial heart to market
(Portland Business Journal)

Meet the inventor behind OHSU's permanent artificial heart
(Portland Business Journal)

OHSU scientists find possible roots of severe form of MS
(Portland Business Journal)

Knight Cancer's Druker on how to go about innovation — and how not to
(Portland Business Journal)

Innovators meet for the 2017 OHSU Commercialization Conference
(OHSU Research News)

OHSU scientists successfully repair genetic mutation in human embryos
(Portland Business Journal)

What you need to know about the Oregon-born CRISPR gene-editing breakthrough
(Portland Business Journal)

Portland biotech startup may have the remedy for blood clots
(Portland Business Journal)

At OHSU, healthcare tech is a priority

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