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TTBD Staff - 5.21.19


TTBD Leadership

The Leadership team is responsible for strategic alignment of TTBD efforts within OHSU and with external partners as well as overall management of TTBD. Meet our TTBD Leadership team

Technology Development & Licensing 

The Technology Development & Licensing team works with faculty and other OHSU employees to evaluate intellectual property developed at OHSU, determine a need for and pursue protection on intellectual property, and negotiate license agreements covering intellectual property. Meet our Technology Development & Licensing team.

Industry & Academic Collaborations

The Industry & Academic Collaborations team reviews and negotiates contracts governing the sharing of research materials and data, industry sponsored preclinical or retrospective studies, preclinical research collaborations and the sharing of confidential and proprietary information. Meet our Industry & Academic Collaborations team


The Operations team works collaboratively with all other groups within the department. Their responsibilities include US government and agreement compliance, finance including distribution of net royalty income, marketing and branding, report generation, and administrative support to keep TTBD operating day-to-day. Meet our Operations team.


The Patent team works with the Technology Development & Licensing team to review new inventions for patentable subject matter and advise on intellectual property strategy. They work to determine the scope of patentable claims on technologies and to draft, file, prosecute, and maintain OHSU patents. Meet our Patent team

Business Development and Startups

The Business Development and Startups team supports OHSU's commercialization mission by moving innovations from our research laboratories out into the marketplace. They help form startup companies based on OHSU inventions and work closely with the OHSU community, as well as industry partners, to explore new ways to implement OHSU's commercialization and strategic goals. Meet our Business Development and Startups team


Entrepreneur-in-Residence Members

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program connects and facilitates engagement between OHSU's entrepreneurial faculty, staff, and startup companies and seasoned business executives in the local and regional communities. The program was established to help identify technologies with commercial promise and to provide OHSU researchers with advice and real-world insights about the commercialization and startup process. Meet our Entrepreneur-in-Residence members


See the TTBD Organizational Chart here.