Submitting the Technology Disclosure Form is the first step in the commercialization process. Technology Development Managers are always available for an informal conversation but the process ideally starts with the submission of an Technology Disclosure form to TTBD. No matter how early-stage you think your discovery may be, TTBD would like to hear about your invention.

The timing of your disclosure is very important. TTBD highly encourages inventors to speak with our staff well ahead of publishing (perferably a few months before) or before discussing new discoveries with anyone outside of OHSU. If you’ve solved a problem with your invention, there’s a good chance that someone else is having that exact same problem and would be interested in learning more about the invention.

The Technology Disclosure form is often the first written description of the invention and is the formal way to document a new invention at OHSU. We consider this form to be the beginning of a discussion, so don’t worry if you’re not completely sure how to respond to any part of it.

The filing of the Technology Disclosure form requires TTBD to take action. TTBD is held accountable for the progress of evaluating the technology, as well as protecting, marketing and licensing the technology when appropriate. TTBD is  required to reach a conclusion and keep the inventors informed during the entire process.

The invention’s assigned Technology Development Manager will be the primary TTBD contact and will guide the inventors through the commercialization process, set general expectations, and keep you informed on the technology’s progress.

For questions regarding the Technology Disclosure form, please contact us.