Following the submission of the Technology Disclosure Form, a preliminary review and a discussion with the inventor(s) takes place. A further assessment is performed to evaluate the type of IP protection that may be appropriate for the technology; the likelihood of obtaining protection, opportunities to strengthen the IP position; the overall potential of a product or service, licensability, and competitive landscape; along with a preliminary licensing strategy. Some technologies may require one or more forms of IP protection in order to be fully commercializable. In addition, timing considerations are addressed, dependent upon the state of the technology at time of disclosure. Any pending experiments, developments, or relevant dates (such as upcoming public disclosures, publications, presentations) that may affect the invention are discussed.

The Technology Development Manager keeps inventors well informed and discusses their findings, observes any prototypes or laboratory results, and reviews the next steps in the process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Technology Development Manager. If the invention shows strong commercial potential and the intellectual property has been defined, then the invention may move forward in the process.