In order for most technologies to be commercialized, marketing to prospective commercial partners is a key step. TTBD plays an active role in marketing OHSU technologies to these prospective licensees, but that doesn’t mean inventors can’t help. Data suggests that a high number of licensing leads come from the inventors themselves. Successful marketing of new technologies is often a joint effort between the inventors and the Technology Development Manager.

TTBD’s primary marketing document is a Non-Confidential Summary (NCS). The Technology Development Manager will work with the inventors to draft an NCS that will serve as the initial introduction of the technology to potential licensees. Ideally, an NCS will be simple enough for a non-expert to understand, but with enough detail to pique the interest of an expert in the field.

TTBD’s goal is to find not just one potential licensee, but several potential licensees in order to identify the ideal fit for the technology. Potential licensees are evaluated based on their ability and desire to bring a product or service to market. This information is shared with the inventors and may influence the next steps in marketing the technology. Through marketing, feedback from companies is invaluable information for both TTBD & the inventors that is used to help influence next steps.