Why would I need a MTA to send out or bring in materials?
MTAs are required by most academic and commercial entities’ policies to protect intellectual property and ownership rights for shared research materials. MTAs also protect academic rights and freedoms – such as the freedom to pursue a research topic and right to publish results – for the researcher and institute providing the material as well as those receiving the research material.

What do I do if I need materials from another institution?
After you make a request for material, you may be asked to complete a MTA by the other institution. It is the responsibility of the institution where the material originates to provide a MTA.

What do I do with a MTA that is received from another university/company?    
MTAs that you receive from other parties are managed through TTBD. Please send the MTA to and an Agreements Officer assigned to your department will get in touch with you.

Can I sign a MTA that I receive and send it back to the university/company?
MTAs must be signed by an authorized official in TTBD, as the legal representative for OHSU. Most MTAs may require a signature from the Principal Investigator or head of the lab that is requesting the material. This signature signifies that the Principal Investigator has read and understands the terms of the agreement.

How long will it take to process my MTA?
All reasonable efforts are made to keep the amount of time to a minimum to complete every MTA. The amount of time for completing any MTA will vary depending on the number of MTAs in process at the time yours is initiated, the response time for the other party and the need for negotiating provisions in the agreement.

Can I share materials I receive under a MTA with my colleague at OHSU or another institution?    
Whether or not material not developed at OHSU can be shared with other laboratories will depend on the MTA under which the material was obtained. Most MTAs require that the material provided is not shared with other laboratories, including other labs at OHSU. Refer to the MTA that was completed for the material in question to determine if the material can be shared.

Contact us at for any questions regarding MTAs at OHSU.