I want to partner with industry

Industry partners have a long history of collaboration with academia and OHSU. When the goals of both parties are aligned, the success of a long term partnership becomes much more likely. The common paths taken for these academic-corporate partnerships include:

  • Companies collaborating directly with specific faculty that may have certain unique expertise or resources
  • Faculty submitting either solicited or unsolicited research proposals to companies
  • An organization-to-organization broad strategic relationship involving multiple faculty projects
  • Consortiums of companies and academic organizations

TTBD periodically sends out Requests for Proposals (RFPs) solicited by different companies and we encourage you to look at their websites for submission criteria in your areas of interest. Contact TTBD if you plan on submitting a proposal and/or are in need of any guidance.

OHSU MedTech Alliance

MedTech AllianceThe OHSU MedTech Alliance is a platform for investors and industry representatives to stay up-to-date on early stage technologies developed at OHSU in the medical device and diagnostic fields. The goal of the MedTech Alliance is to initiate collaborations that advance OHSU technologies. Click here to learn more about the MedTech Alliance program.

Already have an industry partner lined up? View the Sponsored Research Agreements FAQ page.

Current Industry Collaborative Opportunities:

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